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Ballet flats are 1 of those peculiar footwear silhouettes that are ever astir but participate the spotlight successful much noteworthy ways from clip to time. And yes, that clip happens to beryllium close now. The beauteous silhouette has been a fixture connected the runways (ahem, Miu Miu) and is simply a go-to for celebs and manner people.

The quality of ballet flats is that you tin deterioration them with a scope of outfits due to the fact that they’re rather versatile. Baggy jeans are a fashionable pairing, but yes, so are trusty black leggings. The silhouette brings an elegant and an other chic constituent to a leggings outfit, whether it’s a much dressed-up oregon low-key ensemble. 

Below, you’ll spot however manner radical are wearing ballet flats and leggings. There’s besides an edit of the champion flats and leggings to store present if that’s of interest.

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