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A canine connected a creation mat, redeeming his owner's beingness successful Elden Ring

My canine is undeniably a bully boy, but he's ne'er saved my beingness successful a videogame. He could larn a instrumentality oregon 2 from MissMikaa's dog, who seemingly knows erstwhile to measurement successful and determination her Elden Ring quality distant from a fiery death.

MissMikaa is the streamer who last week simultaneously bushed Elden Ring with a controller and a creation mat, which should springiness you immoderate hint arsenic to however helium rendered canine assistance.

Without further ado, here's the infinitesimal wherever "Yoshi" stepped up to the plate:

My canine is amended astatine Elden Ring than you? Yoshi was connected a ngo looking for treats erstwhile helium valiantly went up against a dragon and enactment my quality successful a spot wherever I didn't dice to his fire! HERO pic.twitter.com/kLHPwlqcTt

— MissMikkaa (@MissMikkaa) January 15, 2023

Yes, that is simply a clueless canine wandering onto a creation mat portion Mikaa is AFK, walking her quality down a stone conscionable earlier a dragon tin afloat engulf her successful flame, past casting a contemptuous look astatine the camera due to the fact that helium didn't find the treats helium was seemingly looking for. I'm not convinced helium wasn't conscionable checking retired that representation of himself.

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