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Known for her bold, classy, and connection looks, Grammy-nominated Indian rapper Raja Kumari is known for winning the hearts of her assemblage with her captivating show and unique, empowering songs. The fashionable diva has a large cognition of however to premix occidental and exotic styles into her outfits. Hence, she has not lone captured people's hearts with her songs but besides with her bold and unsocial dressing sense. The rapper queen's magnificent looks person ever been the talking of town.

Here are a fewer things that we emotion astir her fashion:

Desi Shringar

Raja Kumari is simply a trained Indian classical dancer, and she has a beardown consciousness of contented and culture. She has ever made an effort to item Indian civilization via her songs. Indian civilization is reflected successful the mode Raja looks. The rapper has a beardown affinity for "Bindi" and has often been spotted donning 1 with each outfit. The net is awash with videos of her wearing bindis with occidental clothing. Therefore, Bindi is simply a indispensable for Raja Kumari.

Silver Jewellery

Fashionable Indian rapper Raja Kumari has ever created waves with her fashion. Along with her formal choices, she made immoderate intriguing metallic jewelry choices. Rajakumari has a large emotion for metallic jewelry, and you tin spot her wearing glitzy metallic jewelry that celebrates Indian civilization each the time.

Fusion Dressing

Raja Kumari often appears to beryllium experimenting with her looks. Whether connected a reddish carpet overseas, astatine home, oregon successful her euphony videos, the classically trained dancer has ever made it a constituent to see immoderate taste details successful her outfits, and that successful our sentiment is specified a standout and dope mode of styling.


The braided hairstyle has undoubtedly returned acknowledgment to Raja Kumari. The rapper ever nails her benignant with a classical broadside braid, which gives each of her appearances a highly polished and well-maintained appearance.

Saree Love

One whitethorn astir apt archer however overmuch Raja Kumari loves sarees due to the fact that her innovative pairing of a saree with trousers and a loop has revolutionized the manner world. Every clip she tries thing caller with her saree appearance, it is adored. The Indian rapper genuinely understands however to formal chic successful a saree portion yet incorporating elements of occidental culture.

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