Hedara price analysis: Will the HBAR break the bearish continuation

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HBAR Price Analysis

  • 1 The HBAR has formed a Flag(continuation -Bearish Trend) complete nan regular value chart.
  • 2 The existent value of nan coin is astir $0.07507 pinch a driblet of 1.50%
  • 3 The coin’s value is trading supra nan 20,50,100,200 days of Daily Moving average

The Hedra is nether bearish power resulting successful nan nonaccomplishment of its imaginable nan investor of HBAR mightiness suffer liking successful nan token. The bearish rally whitethorn proceed arsenic nan coin value follows a downward trend. The HBAR value is moving down complete nan regular value chart. The buyers person to attraction connected nan coin’s activity to participate nan trade. 

The existent value of HBAR stands astatine astir $0.07507, showing a humble summation of 1.50% during nan intraday trading session. If nan coin continues to travel a downward trend, it could brushwood superior support astatine astir $0.0638. Conversely, if nan bulls do not intervene, nan value whitethorn diminution to a secondary support level of astir $0.0356.The existent marketplace conditions are creating a consciousness of indecision and disorder among investors.

The bulls are facing challenges successful gaining upward momentum, which has led to uncertainty among investors. The bulls person to activity difficult to get nan shot successful their court. The bulls whitethorn thrust HBAR’s value to nan superior guidance of $ 0.0958 and if nan bullish inclination persists past nan value of nan coin whitethorn scope nan secondary guidance of $0.1090

Source: HBAR/USD by TradingView

The measurement of nan coin is moving successful nan seller’s favor. The measurement of HBAR% has decreased by 24.4% during nan past intraday trading session. The coin’s value is trading beneath nan 50,100,200 days of Daily Moving Average. And nan coin is supra nan 20-day Exponential Moving Average.

Technical Indicators driving nan Hedera

Source: HBAR/USD by TradingView

The method indicators show that:  The oversold region is approaching nan Relative Strength Index. Buyers request to watch nan RSI’s alteration to spot if it’s moving successful an oversold zone. Perhaps nan bulls will effort to move nan RSI toward neutrality arsenic it has returned from nan overbought area and nan bears are pushing it toward nan oversold zone. The existent RSI is 45.78 and nan mean RSI is 59.49. The MACD and MACD awesome person intersected giving a antagonistic cross.


The existent marketplace inclination of Hedra is bearish. The bears are trying to thrust nan coin to their predetermined goals. The bulls must participate nan waste and acquisition truthful nan coin whitethorn summation immoderate upward momentum. The activity of nan coin complete nan regular value floor plan indicates that nan coin whitethorn proceed nan bearish trend.

Technical Levels

Resistance level-  $0.0958  and  $0.1090

Support level- $0.0638 and $0.0356


The views and opinions stated by nan author, aliases immoderate group named successful this article, are for informational purposes only, and they do not found financial, investment, aliases different advice. Investing successful aliases trading crypto assets comes pinch a consequence of financial loss.

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