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HOLMES BEACH — An water of caller learning is underway for students and teachers astatine Anna Maria Elementary School.

The archetypal Guy Harvey Academy of Arts & Science celebrated its expansive opening astatine the waterfront schoolhouse successful December, launching a statewide inaugural by the Guy Harvey Foundation to assistance educators animate the adjacent procreation of marine conservationists.

“We are highly excited to connection this incredibly unsocial learning opportunity,” said Cynthia Saunders, Manatee County Schools superintendent. “Working with art, mathematics and subject educators done the Guy Harvey Foundation, we person developed a STEAM program that draws connected Dr. Harvey’s existent beingness experiences to usher students arsenic they larn subject and mathematics done an creation lens.”

The School Board of Manatee County approved the inaugural successful June 2022, greenlighting the instauration and schoolhouse territory to plan an art, math, and science-based program to prosecute young learners connected the value of preserving oceans and marine life. The K-5 programme volition see a peculiar aquarium. Students who decorativeness the programme volition person a certificate.

“Students volition larn astir the world’s situation and wildlife, person a amended knowing of the value of our oceans and its inhabitants and however they tin sphere and support some for aboriginal generations,” Harvey said. “It is truthful important that we proceed to inform, amended and prosecute our students truthful they, on with their teachers and families, tin bask and payment from a decently balanced water ecosystem.”

The Guy Harvey Foundation was founded successful 2008 to money technological probe and acquisition programs aimed astatine conserving water resources. The instauration plans to grow its marine subject program to schools crossed Florida, according to a property release. Partners see include the Florida Department of Education, FPL, SeaWorld, Florida Virtual School, and the Florida Lottery.

Harvey has been a vocal advocator for marine conservation for decades. In 1999, helium partnered with Nova Southeastern University successful Fort Lauderdale to found the Guy Harvey Research Institute to make champion practices to conserve and negociate marine fishes and their ecosystems.

Raised successful Jamaica, Harvey, 67, earned a grade successful marine biology from Aberdeen University successful Scotland successful 1977 and a doctorate successful fisheries absorption from the University of the West Indies successful 1982. Harvey, who lives successful the Cayman Islands, besides is an internationally celebrated marine wildlife artist.

“At the Guy Harvey Foundation, we are committed to acquisition and that’s wherefore we were truthful excited to rotation retired our program passim Florida and beyond,” said Jessica Harvey, Harvey's girl and Guy Harvey Foundation co-chair.

In summation to Anna Maria Elementary, the academy plans to impact students and teachers from different schools during tract trips; summertime camps astatine the Anna Maria Elementary field for Title I students; and teacher improvement opportunities. King Middle and Manatee High are expected to follow academy curriculums successful the future.

"It’s been a genuine pleasance to enactment with Dr. Harvey and everyone associated with his water instauration to marque this academy a reality,” Saunders said.

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