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Fans sermon which GTA Online features are little utile than others among the game’s galore options that fto players unrecorded their champion gangster life.


As Grand Theft Auto Online is astir 10 years old, immoderate players person been discussing the astir useless features successful the game. GTA Online has assorted options to fto players unrecorded their outlaw lives freely successful San Andreas, but immoderate features are seldom utilized if not wholly forgotten by the community.

GTA Online regularly brings caller features for players to enjoy, from further missions to caller vehicles and weapons. The monthly GTA Online updates supply caller contented truthful that players ever person thing to bash successful San Andreas, adjacent 10 years aft launch. Twice a year, Rockstar reveals a caller large update for GTA Online, introducing caller communicative missions, features, and gameplay updates. The latest large GTA Online update was Los Santos Drug Wars successful December 2022, which introduced a communicative ngo related to the psychedelics commercialized successful Los Santos.

On Reddit, players are discussing the GTA Online features that they deem the astir useless. SlimGoon started the treatment with a representation of the in-game email diagnostic that allows players to interaction 1 different done the computers featured successful GTA Online. Some players didn’t adjacent cognize that this diagnostic existed, portion others questioned its inferior since GTA Online includes a chat relation for players to communicate.

According to the comments connected this Reddit post, players are uncovering that GTA Online includes assorted features deemed useless by its community. StalledAgate832 noted that the banal marketplace website was disposable successful GTA Online contempt the diagnostic not being introduced successful this crippled mode, rendering the website wholly useless. Other features enactment good but person easier alternatives, similar the ATM machines that were rendered useless by the anticipation of withdrawing wealth straight from the iFruit phone. However, RP players inactive bask this diagnostic arsenic it brings much realism to the game, adjacent if it lacks a existent purpose.

Despite these fewer complaints astir useless features successful GTA Online, Rockstar’s crippled remains arsenic fashionable arsenic ever. Many players bask sharing their adventures connected roleplaying servers, adjacent aft Rockstar updated its GTA Online RP server policies to forestall third-party users from making wealth disconnected of Grand Theft Auto 5. Several streamers gathered a assemblage that enjoys watching them play GTA RP, adjacent though they sometimes extremity up being banned from the game. GTA Online offers much flexibility than the solo run of Grand Theft Auto 5, with players often posting their gameplay highlights connected societal media.

Grand Theft Auto Online is disposable present for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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