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Grand Theft Auto 6 is 1 of the astir talked astir games successful the industry, and immoderate fans judge they recovered concealed hints astir the crippled from Rockstar.

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The upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6 is taxable to monolithic amounts of treatment and conjecture, with the record-breaking occurrence of its predecessor predictably starring to immense levels of hype regarding a sequel. With tons of factual accusation astir the rubric yet coming retired implicit the past fewer months, it is harmless to accidental that this sermon has reached a fever pitch.

While the caller and arguable leaks surrounding Grand Theft Auto 6 gave fans immense amounts of accusation concerning the title, fans person been looking to much authoritative hints and nods that person travel from Rockstar itself to infer details for the game. Rockstar has admittedly been quiescent successful presumption of authoritative acknowledgment of GTA 6, but determination are inactive a slew of things that fans person interpreted arsenic hints for the anticipated release.

Grand Theft Auto: Definitive Edition's Mystery Photo

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Many alleged hints towards Grand Theft Auto 6 come from Rockstar's astir caller but decidedly controversial franchise task Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition. One of the astir absorbing of the galore hints wrong this remastered trilogy tin beryllium recovered wrong the title's mentation of San Andreas, much specifically wrong the alien-themed diner The Probe Inn.

In the archetypal mentation of San Andreas, the interior of this determination was heavy decorated with images of UFO sightings, but fans were speedy to constituent retired that Rockstar had changed these peculiar images successful the remastered mentation of the game. In the Definitive Edition, astir of the pictures wrong The Probe Inn dwell of locations that featured successful different Rockstar titles specified arsenic Red Dead Redemption 2 or adjacent Grand Theft Auto 5, but determination was 1 representation that cannot beryllium traced backmost to a erstwhile Rockstar game.

The representation successful question simply consists of a achromatic bungalow-style location with thenar trees, with galore fans believing that this is 1 of the archetypal released images of GTA 6. This presumption comes from the untraceable root of the photo, arsenic good arsenic the similarities the location and situation wrong the photograph shares with Florida, with it being each but confirmed that GTA 6 will instrumentality spot successful a fictionalized mentation of this country of the USA.

Grand Theft Auto 5's Official Credits

Grand Theft Auto 5 connected Steam Deck

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Rockstar precocious released the afloat official credits for Grand Theft Auto 5, marking the extremity of astir a decennary of accordant and palmy post-launch improvement for the title. While these credits of people gave Grand Theft Auto 5 the lion's stock of attention, fans additionally inferred accusation regarding its sequel from the announcement.

Within the credits, Rockstar conveyed however it needed to halt enactment connected GTA 5 in bid to "exceed subordinate expectations" for Grand Theft Auto 6, with the institution amazingly besides announcing a stop to further contented for Red Dead Online within a akin timeframe. While this is much of an overt acknowledgment of GTA 6, galore fans considered the punctuation to beryllium a hint astatine the standard and ambition that the rubric volition possess, with Rockstar having to afloat crook its attraction distant from different lucrative projects to execute its vision.

Rockstar's Happy Holidays Message

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Rockstar precocious sent retired a blessed holidays message connected its authoritative Twitter account, with a vibrant backdrop and tons of intricate signage that fans eagerly scoured and analyzed. Eagle-eyed fans were speedy to constituent retired that 1 of the stylized helicopters connected the vacation connection was not from the Los Santos country of GTA 5, but really harks backmost to an older setting.

The benignant of chopper shown connected the representation really belongs to the Vice City Police Department, which was of people the eponymous determination of GTA: Vice City. Through the recent high-profile leaks for GTA 6, it is present known that Vice City volition erstwhile again beryllium the superior mounting of the franchise, with galore fans subsequently going connected to judge that the inclusion of this peculiar chopper successful the connection is simply a nonstop motion from Rockstar arsenic to the mounting of the upcoming sequel.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is presently successful development.

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