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Though determination person been respective brands offering Bluetooth-based tracker gadgets, Apple's AirTags launched successful 2021, received tremendous response. Yes, initially, immoderate activists raised concerns implicit the misuse of AirTags for stalking, but with consequent bundle updates, person benignant of resolved the issues. AirTags not lone assistance find house/vehicle keys but besides adjacent locate stolen cars and cycles astir the world.

Now, Google, which is steadily expanding the Pixel ecosystem with phones, the latest Pixel Watch, upcoming Pixel tablet, and Pixel foldable handset, is reportedly moving connected an AirTags-like tracker.

The tipster who goes by the moniker Kuba Wojciechowski⚡ (@Za_Raczke) connected Twitter said that the instrumentality is being worked nether the codification sanction Grogu successful Google. There is nary connection connected erstwhile the instrumentality whitethorn get launched. But, dissimilar hundreds of broadside projects of Google, which ne'er made their mode to the market, the Grogu tracker is simply a precocious anticipation of it seeing the airy of the time sooner oregon later.

The quality comes connected the heels of a study of Google readying a caller diagnostic for the Find My Device app that helps way mislaid Android devices. With the caller feature, the app volition encrypt last-known-location reports for Android devices, utilizing a caller privacy-centric framework.

Google wants to leverage the web of 3 billion-plus Android devices astir the satellite to precisely find the mislaid instrumentality adjacent without an Internet connection. 

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It volition greatly payment customers who find their mislaid oregon stolen instrumentality adjacent erstwhile the second is switched off. It should beryllium noted that each devices' individuality is encrypted and cipher including authorities agencies oregon backstage entities, adjacent Google volition not person entree to specified data.

Already, Apple does that with its devices via the Find My app. Though Google is simply a spot late, it is amended precocious than never. This is precise overmuch needed to amended the idiosyncratic acquisition peculiarly successful reducing the anxiousness of the proprietor to beryllium capable to find the misplaced/lost instrumentality faster.

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It should beryllium noted that Google's Pixel 6 Pro and 7 Pro with UltraWide Band (UWB) connectivity constituent is presently utilized for unlocking cars, which by the mode is constricted to prime brands and regions.

Going by the latest report, 2023 is going to beryllium important for Google's hardware division, which is expected to foray into 2 caller merchandise categories-- tablet and foldable smartphone, and we whitethorn astir apt spot a Bluetooth-based point tracker.

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