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Last updated: January 18th, 2023 astatine 03:17 UTC+01:00

Samsung’s One Hand Operation + app, a Good Lock module, allows you to modify gestures connected your Samsung smartphone astatine a overmuch deeper level than the phone’s inbuilt settings. While the app already offers galore customization options, Samsung has present updated it with 4 much features that could travel successful useful successful day-to-day usage.

The caller One Hand Operation + app comes with version 6.1.21, and it brings the ‘Smart Select’ diagnostic with 4 options: Animation, Oval, Pin, and Rectangle. This diagnostic allows you to seizure screenshots of antithetic sizes and shapes, grounds a desired information of the surface for up to 15 seconds, and pin a information of your show simply by utilizing gestures.

For example, you tin swipe up from the close broadside of the surface to entree the Smart Select (Rectangle) option, which volition bring up a rectangular container that you tin resize. Once you customize the model size according to your need, pat the ‘Done’ button, and the telephone volition seizure a screenshot of the surface information that you selected. Similarly, the Smart Select (Oval) enactment volition let you to instrumentality oval-shaped screenshots.

As for Smart Select (Animation), accessing it volition bring up a model that you tin resize. Once you acceptable that model to the desired size, pat the ‘Record’ fastener to grounds the selected information of the screen. The signaling length, however, is constricted to 15 seconds. The Smart Select (Pin) enactment besides brings up a resizable window. Once you prime the model size and click connected the ‘Pin’ button, it volition pin the selected information connected the display.

We tin corroborate that the latest One Hand Operation + update is disposable to download successful the US and India. However, Samsung could person besides made it disposable successful your region. To cheque for the update, spell to Good Lock app, pat connected the three-dot icon connected the top-right country of the screen, and prime ‘Update all.’ It should unfastened Galaxy Store wherever the update automatically starts to download.

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