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16 January 2023

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The Golden Visa for Italy (formerly Investor Visa for Italy). What is that? What benefits the Italian Golden Visa carries?

Italy allows overseas citizens get semipermanent residency by offering concern opportunities. The capitalist visa successful Italy, also known arsenic the Golden Visa, not lone gives you nonmigratory presumption in Italy. It is besides your gateway to obtaining a semipermanent EU residency with exclusive rights and escaped entree to the Schengen Zone.

For High Net Worth Individuals moving to Italy, this is a risk-free, fast-track visa that comes with further tax benefits.

What is precisely the Golden Visa?

It is simply a two-year visa that non-EU citizens tin acquire, who can then go semipermanent residents and tin aboriginal use for Italian citizenship. You tin renew it for different 3 years. With the Investor Visa for Italy, you (and your household members too) volition be entitled to person a close of residency (residence permit) successful Italy, thanks to an Investment you volition bash successful Italy. You tin choose between 4 types of investments for qualifying for the Investor Visa:

  1. € 250,000 successful Italian StartUp;
  2. € 500,000 successful Italian Company;
  3. € 1,000,000 Philathrophic donation;
  4. € 2,000,000 successful Government Bonds;

What are the benefits connected applying for the Investor Visa for Italy?

There are galore benefits connected with the Golden Visa. First of all, the Italian Golden Visa volition let you to support your residence presumption besides if you don't physically enactment successful Italy for most the time. Generally speaking, each the different Visas necessitate you to stay, for astatine slightest 183 days/yearly basis, successful Italy without risking to suffer your residency rights. Differently, with the Investor Visa you won't suffer your presumption besides if you volition stay abroad.

Also, your migration process volition beryllium beauteous straighforward, as your Visa exertion is considered with "high-priority"(so it's processed earlier immoderate other Visa). The process itself is comparatively fast, arsenic it whitethorn instrumentality 30 days, from the application, to person your approval. After 5 years of residency, you tin besides use for your EU Permanent Residence. You tin get Italian Citizenship by Investment aft you spent 10 years arsenic a ineligible nonmigratory successful Italy. So, arsenic agelong arsenic you got your Investor Visa successful Italy, you person to hold 10 years. Then, you can apply for Italian Dual Citizenship by naturalization.

The contented of this nonfiction is intended to supply a general guide to the taxable matter. Specialist proposal should beryllium sought about your circumstantial circumstances.

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