GOEV Stock Down Ahead of Its Financial Results This Month

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GOEV Stock

  • 1 GOEV banal value plunged on pinch nan U.S. banal marketplace that was besides bearish.
  • 2 Canoo will study its financial results amid nan reliable U.S. marketplace conditions.

GOEV banal value plunged amid heightened marketplace volatility, wherever nan fallout from 2 slope failures sent nan authorities and nan broader banking assemblage looking for answers and much loopholes successful nan system. The U.S. Banks – Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank past week closed by nan U.S. regulators. Meanwhile, connected March 16, Canoo Inc. (NASDAQ: GOEV) announced that it will study its financial results for Q4 ‘22 for nan afloat financial twelvemonth ending connected December 31, 2022 aft nan marketplace closed connected Thursday, March 30, 2023. The precocious mobility institution will big a convention telephone to talk nan results, followed by a question-and-answer session.

GOEV Stock Price Analysis

GOEV banal closed connected March 17, Friday astatine $0.5861 pinch a 0.66% diminution successful nan past 24-hours. The banal noted a 1.81% diminution successful this week. The closing value of GOEV banal is nearing its 52-week low, that is $0.54. Its 52-week precocious was astatine $6.25. Its value floor plan noted a progressive diminution successful its stock price. I 1 period GOEV dipped astir 36%, successful six months – 78%, successful 1 twelvemonth – 89%, and successful 5 years – 94%.

Source: GOEV/USD by Tradingview

As of March 18, nan mean one-year value target for GOEV is $5.6667. GOEV’s forecasts ranges from a debased of $1.00 to a precocious of $10.00. The mean value target shows an summation of 866.84% from its latest reported closing value of $0.5861.

What’s Going-on successful The EV Industry?

In this week connected March 15, Arrival, an electrical van manufacturer, received a $300 cardinal equity financing statement from Westwood Capital. However, it seems for illustration nan different Electric Vehicle (EV) makers specified arsenic General Motors (NYSE: GM), Ford Motor (NYSE: F), Rivian Automotivenc. (NASDAQ: RIVN), and Canoo Inc. (NASDAQ: GOEV), are besides moving difficult amid precocious request for electrical vans.

Presently, nan Ford E-Transit and Rivian electrical transportation van stay nan astir popular, but nan British EV startup Arrival is besides moving to alteration that. Arrival has tally into financial troubles. However, it received $300 cardinal successful backing to enactment afloat, arsenic Reuters reported.

How’s The U.S. Stock Market Doing?

The U.S. banal marketplace slid connected March 17, on pinch immense declines crossed location banks arsenic investors remained connected separator aft monolithic efforts to prevention First Republic Bank (NYSE: FRC) and Credit Suisse (NYSE: CS) arsenic reported by nan Wall Street Journal. The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 384.57 points, to adjacent astatine 31861.98. The S&P 500 dropped 43.64, to 3916.64. The technology-heavy Nasdaq Composite declined 86.76, to 11630.51.


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