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Major manner marque Universal Works is acceptable to unfastened a caller standalone store successful their hometown of Nottingham successful a woody brokered by FHP Property Consultants. 

Universal Works was founded successful Nottingham by David Keyte and Stephanie Porritt successful 2009, they person seen immense maturation implicit caller years and present boast an awesome following, the marque is present stocked crossed much than 300 stores globally. 

The caller standalone Nottingham store follows aft they person outgrown their existent abstraction supra Rough Trade successful Nottingham’s Hockley.

The caller store is situated successful a salient presumption astatine 120-122 Derby Road and forms portion of the breathtaking Canning Chambers redevelopment, the caller store has accommodation implicit the crushed level and basement measuring astir 1,126ft².

Canning Chambers is simply a stunning play gathering astatine the apical of Derby Road connected the borderline of Nottingham metropolis centre. 

After lasting derelict for galore years the gathering was purchased by landlord Wollaton Nottingham Limited who has undertaken large refurbishment successful and retired to make a beautiful, sympathetic mixed-use gathering comprising residential precocious floors and retail abstraction astatine crushed and basement levels. 

David Keyte, co-founder of Universal Works said:

“We person outgrown our existent abstraction wrong Rough Trade truthful are truly pleased to beryllium opening the doors to a bigger and bolder, standalone store connected Derby Road. 

“We are not your emblematic ‘high street’ benignant of relation and similar alternate neighbourhood-style locations with imaginable and assemblage spirit.  Derby Road has evolved implicit the past fewer years and we can’t hold to unfastened the doors and go portion of the assemblage here.”

Oliver Marshall, Director astatine FHP said:

“The letting to Universal Works is simply a large measurement guardant for the determination connected Derby Road, but besides for the metropolis of Nottingham, showcasing the occurrence of a homegrown business. 

“This a truly breathtaking marque with a monolithic pursuing and hopefully it volition promote much brands to the country and Nottingham. 

“This conception of Derby Road has improved truthful overmuch implicit the years and is present an breathtaking determination connected the borderline of the metropolis centre with a truly eclectic premix of retail, leisure, offices and residential creating a assemblage feel.  

“We are besides selling the 2 units adjacent to Universal Works portion of the aforesaid improvement and person immoderate precise bully involvement from much breathtaking businesses.”

FHP acted connected behalf of backstage landlord Wollaton Nottingham Limited to unafraid the letting to Universal Works astatine 120-122 Derby Road. 

Open to the nationalist connected Tuesday 17th January.

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