Glentoran: Newry and Swifts games vital for McDermott's future - Leeman - BBC

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A banner calling for McDermott's departure was unfurled by immoderate fans connected SaturdaySome fans called for McDermott's departure during and aft Glentoran's location decision by Larne connected Saturday

Former Glentoran skipper Paul Leeman believes the club's adjacent 2 games against Newry City and Dungannon Swifts are captious to manager Mick McDermott's aboriginal astatine The Oval.

"These adjacent 2 games are going to beryllium monolithic for Glentoran," said Leeman.

"They've got to prime up thing connected Friday against Newry oregon determination volition beryllium adjacent much pressure."

Saturday's decision was a 5th successive league nonaccomplishment for the Glens which matched the club's erstwhile worst tally acceptable mode backmost successful 1935.

Speaking connected BBC Radio Ulster's Sportsound Extra Time, Leeman said that nonaccomplishment to gain maximum points from their adjacent 2 games could seal McDermott's fate.

"Newry and Dungannon are truly games that Glentoran with the squad they have, the full-time set-up, they've truly got to beryllium winning those games.

Glentoran's Northern Ireland planetary Conor McMenaminGlentoran's signifier has dipped alarmingly since Conor McMenamin was injured successful November

"Some of the maltreatment connected Saturday was not called for but the fans are showing their frustration.

"The manager is evidently nether a batch of unit but the players are underperforming. The players person present got to measurement up and bash the business."

Glentoran looked similar prospective champions successful precocious October erstwhile 2 Conor McMenamin goals helped them thump Larne 4-0 arsenic they moved apical of the table.

But aft beating Dungannon a week later, Glentoran were beaten 2-1 astatine Glenavon connected 8 November and with McMenamin past ruled retired for 2 period with a breached metatarsal, the squad began to endure a alarming descent successful fortunes which they person not been capable to halt.

"I tin retrieve being astatine the Oval erstwhile Glentoran bushed Larne 4-0 and coming distant reasoning 'this squad looks unbeatable'," added Leeman.

"Everything was going for them. They looked confident. They were scoring goals. They hadn't conceded a extremity successful thing similar 10 games.

"All of a abrupt successful the past mates of months, it's wholly reversed. Yes they've had good documented injuries and Conor McMenamin successful the cardinal one. They conscionable haven't been capable to bargain a win."