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By Dr.TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile eXperience Business astatine Samsung Electronics

Every year, mobile technology progressively becomes the precise core of our regular lives and the epicenter of innovation.

With these indispensable devices, we make and devour contented that connects, inspires and entertains us. We enactment immersed successful the satellite of an epic game, adjacent connected the go. We support up with colleagues and deadlines erstwhile we’re distant from our desks. And we negociate each portion of our lives successful 1 convenient spot — from wellness and wellness habits, to appointments, purchases, question and more.

Our days revolve astir these experiences, truthful radical privation devices they tin beryllium connected from brands they tin trust. At the aforesaid time, planetary challenges similar the clime situation are making america rethink however we live. We person a work to assistance make a amended satellite present portion moving toward a much equitable and sustainable future. We judge mobile exertion tin beryllium the catalyst to enrich people’s lives and assistance make that aboriginal we envision. And, this is the crushed wherefore we bash what we bash successful our MX business.


Setting New Performance Standards

There’s nary amended illustration of Samsung delivering connected this imaginativeness than the Galaxy S series. This year, Galaxy S bid has extended our innovation practice by doubling down connected our fundamentals.

That’s wherefore our pro-grade camera strategy is getting smarter, offering the champion photos and videos successful immoderate airy among our Galaxy smartphones. Along with the hardware and bundle optimization, our newest chipset calved retired of Samsung’s unfastened concern doctrine enables the fastest and astir almighty Galaxy performance. Our ecosystem connectivity is besides getting easier and much seamless than ever.

At the apical of the Galaxy S bid is our Galaxy S Ultra. It’s the merchandise you tin spot to springiness you the champion of the champion with redefined show and quality.

We afloat merged the astir beloved Galaxy Note experiences into Ultra, pioneering a smartphone with the power, performance, and originative capabilities of 2 starring Galaxy innovations successful one.

The Galaxy S Ultra has genuinely go the pinnacle of Samsung Mobile’s innovation, a marque that stands retired against everything else, and soon we’ll amusement you what Ultra tin bash successful adjacent much instrumentality categories.

Innovation that Lasts

Performance is not conscionable astir much power. It’s besides astir innovation that lasts with little biology impact.

We are committed to combatting clime change, and we are guided by our caller biology strategy that strives to marque the exertion we beryllium connected much sustainable. That’s wherefore we see each signifier of the merchandise lifecycle with sustainability apical of mind.

This means gathering devices that past longer with enhanced durability and reliability. This means incorporating much recycled materials into much components. This means collaborating with like-minded partners to bring radical person unneurotic and present affirmative alteration for radical and the satellite portion mounting caller benchmarks for our industry.

An Uncompromising Premium Experience

On February 1 astatine Unpacked, we’ll amusement however innovation and sustainability moving unneurotic brings the eventual premium experience.

At a clip erstwhile the stakes are higher than ever, we’ve raised the barroom by pushing boundaries for the mobile acquisition — delivering our astir almighty mobile experiences you’ll proceed to emotion for years to come.

I can’t hold to stock what’s adjacent with you.

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