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House Republican enactment placed Representative George Santos connected 2 committees, adjacent arsenic immoderate G.O.P. congressmen person called for his resignation.

George Santos offers a faint grin arsenic helium strides distant from reporters extracurricular the Capitol successful Washington past week.
Representative George Santos fell abbreviated successful landing his apical choices of committees, either Financial Services oregon Foreign Affairs.Credit...Win Mcnamee/Getty Images

Even arsenic calls grew for investigations into Representative George Santos and for his resignation, House Republican enactment connected Tuesday gave the first-term congressman from New York seats connected the Small Business and the Science, Space and Technology Committees, according to a idiosyncratic briefed connected the assignments.

The committee placements are the clearest denotation yet of the restrained attack with which Republican leaders are treating Mr. Santos amid a increasing contention implicit falsehoods connected the run trail and questions astir his fund-raising and spending reported past period successful The New York Times.

Neither of Mr. Santos’s 2 committees are seen arsenic plum seats for lawmakers hoping to boost their illustration connected Capitol Hill, and they are not arsenic highly regarded arsenic the committees helium had initially sought: either the House Financial Services oregon Foreign Affairs Committees. The idiosyncratic briefed connected his assignments said that Mr. Santos had requested those positions from Republican leaders.

But the likelihood of Mr. Santos’s getting those posts diminished aft helium acknowledged misrepresenting his enactment successful concern and aft reports formed uncertainty connected aspects of his background, including claims of Jewish ancestry.

Speaker Kevin McCarthy, backed by a razor-thin bulk that includes a faction threatening his leadership, has seen immoderate of his delegation articulation Democrats successful their telephone for Mr. Santos to resign. But Mr. McCarthy, whose bid to go talker was backed by Mr. Santos, has refused to outwardly knock him.

Last week, helium said helium would not propulsion Mr. Santos to resign contempt pleas from the Nassau County Republican Party and members of Mr. McCarthy’s ain conference.

Mr. McCarthy has suggested that immoderate imaginable wrongdoing needed to beryllium investigated by the House Ethics Committee, which has been criticized by watchdog groups for being slow-moving. Two Democratic congressmen formally requested specified an investigation past week, involving Mr. Santos’s fiscal disclosure forms.

  • Behind The Times’s Investigation: The Times journalists Michael Gold and Grace Ashford sermon however Representative George Santos was elected to Congress and how they discovered that helium was a fraud.
  • Split View: New York Republicans are acceptable to escaped themselves of the recently elected typical aft his signifier of deception was revealed. But House Republican leaders badly request his vote.
  • Facing Inquiries: Federal and section prosecutors are investigating whether Mr. Santos committed crimes involving his finances oregon made misleading statements, portion authorities successful Brazil said they would revive a 2008 fraud case against him.
  • Alternate Identities: A recently surfaced video shows Mr. Santos in 2019 using 1 of his alternate identities and urging members of the L.G.B.T.Q. assemblage to clasp Republicans. The clip offers penetration into Mr. Santos’s aboriginal forays into nationalist governmental life.

Federal and section prosecutors person besides said they are exploring whether Mr. Santos committed immoderate crimes involving his admitted fabrications astir his background, his finances oregon his run spending.

On Monday, Mr. McCarthy told CNN that helium “always had a fewer questions” astir Mr. Santos’s background. He besides said helium had spoken to Mr. Santos astir an incidental successful which a Santos adjutant was caught impersonating Mr. McCarthy’s main of unit portion soliciting run donations.


House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has been reluctant to knock Mr. Santos, who backed his bid for speaker.Credit...Haiyun Jiang/The New York Times

Yet Mr. McCarthy has defended putting Mr. Santos connected committees, noting that his constituents elected him.

Mr. Santos, successful an interrogation past week connected a blimpish podcast, “Bannon’s War Room,” seemed to backtrack connected his archetypal aspirations and suggest much humble aims.

“I came to D.C. without truly immoderate preconceived notions of what committees to serve,” Mr. Santos said. He added, “Whatever committee I’m given, whether it’s, I don’t know, Science and Technology, oregon Education and Labor oregon immoderate committee is thrown my way, I volition present 110 percent.”

Mr. Santos’s communications manager did not instantly respond to an email asking for remark connected Tuesday.

It is not instantly wide however Mr. Santos volition beryllium treated by his chap committee members; past week, Nassau County Republican leaders said that helium was no longer welcome and that they would frost him retired of the day-to-day functioning of section government, barring him from section meetings and events.

Mr. Santos volition instrumentality his spot connected the Small Business Committee arsenic helium faces questions astir his ain firm, the Devolder Organization, which helium said connected fiscal disclosures paid him $700,000 and dividends betwixt $1 cardinal and $5 million.

The concern has nary public-facing presence, and Mr. Santos has provided small accusation astir its operations, saying only that helium did “deal building” and “specialty consulting” for a web of affluent clients. Mr. Santos did not database immoderate clients connected a fiscal disclosure signifier filed past September contempt a request to bash truthful for immoderate compensation supra $5,000 from a azygous source.

When Mr. Santos archetypal expressed involvement successful moving for Congress, helium provided a résumé to enactment officials that included enactment astatine Citigroup and Goldman Sachs. Both companies person told The Times they person nary grounds of his ever having worked there.

Two earlier résumés posted connected successful 2017 and 2019 suggested that Mr. Santos had been claiming that inheritance adjacent earlier. Both documents usage the sanction George Devolder, a sanction helium utilized professionally successful different contexts, and picture a akin trajectory to the 1 that Mr. Santos claimed connected the run trail.

The 2017 résumé says that Mr. Santos was a bilingual lawsuit work typical for Citigroup successful 2011 and 2012, erstwhile helium was really moving astatine a telephone halfway for Dish Network, and besides worked arsenic a fiscal adviser. In the 2019 résumé, Mr. Santos said helium was “asset manager associate” astatine the firm, which sold disconnected its plus absorption concern successful 2005.

Even arsenic Republican leaders person shown small willingness to rebuke Mr. Santos, 10 Republican representatives, including six first-term members of Congress from New York, person urged him to measurement down.

Other representatives person condemned Mr. Santos’s actions but stopped abbreviated of demanding his resignation. On Sunday, Representative James Comer of Kentucky, the president of the House’s Oversight Committee, said that helium had avoided speaking to Mr. Santos implicit his fabrications.

“I don’t o.k. of however helium made his mode to Congress, and I haven’t adjacent introduced myself to him due to the fact that it’s beauteous despicable, the lies helium told,” Mr. Comer said connected CNN.

Still, Mr. Santos has not been wholly ostracized. Even connected his archetypal time successful the House chamber, erstwhile helium was mostly treated arsenic an outcast by chap members, helium chatted warmly with Representative Pat Fallon of Texas.

Mr. Fallon, a Republican, said successful an interrogation that helium told Mr. Santos that helium would person to beryllium much honorable with voters going forward.

“One of the things I said was, ‘George, you person to beryllium consecutive with folks, you can’t ever bash it again and you person to marque the champion of the concern astatine this point,’ ” Mr. Fallon said. He declined to picture however Mr. Santos responded.

Emily Cochrane contributed reporting from Washington, and Jay Root from Albany, N.Y.