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GAME 19:NOTRE DAME (9-9, 1-6) astatine SYRACUSE (5-13, 3-4)

Notre Dame Notes

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – The Notre Dame men’s hoops squad (9-9, 1-6) has a brace of revenge games to big wrong Purcell Pavilion – games successful which they were starring successful some but couldn’t bent connected during the last stretch. The archetypal of those is Tuesday nighttime with Florida State (5-13, 3-4). That matchup volition extremity disconnected astatine 7 p.m. ET connected ESPNU.

It’ll besides beryllium an Irish Wear Green game. Students volition person a peculiar greenish Protect Purcell t-shirt portion the players volition don the classical greenish Irish jerseys. Notre Dame past wore greenish connected Dec. 7, 2019.


Notre Dame trails the wide bid 8-5 but owns a beardown 4-1 grounds astatine location against the Seminoles. In those 5 games astatine Purcell, the Irish person netted a combined borderline of +55 – with each 4 victories being decided by 10 points oregon more. 

The 2 sides person already met this season, backmost connected Dec. 21. The Irish rallied late, ending the crippled connected a 6-0 tally with 2 large antiaircraft stands successful the last infinitesimal to person a accidental astatine the triumph with six seconds left. The in-bounds play was drawn up perfectly arsenic Cormac Ryan was wide unfastened moving down the mediate of the court, but the walk to him was overthrown. It would person been a wide-open breakaway layup for the win. However, FSU took it 73-72. 

JJ Starling was solely liable for the 6-0 tally astatine the extremity of the crippled and finished with a team-high 20 points connected 7-of-11 shooting. Cormac Ryan besides had a coagulated game, contributing 17 points. 


The Irish person present had 3 ACC games successful which they’ve garnered double-digit leads, lone to succumb to the opponent’s rally and endure defeat. Coach Brey has emphasized that this radical has to learn, and quickly, however to adjacent retired games, particularly connected the road. 

Largest Lead Given Out successful Loss

12 astatine Syracuse (12:54 successful 2H), 1/14/23

11 astatine Florida State (10:41 successful 1H), 12/21/22

10 astatine Boston College (17:53 successful 2H), 1/3/23

And what’s pugnacious specifically astir the Syracuse and Boston College losses was that Notre Dame led for astir the full crippled successful both. Take this stat – successful those 2 games, Notre Dame led for a combined 63:38 retired of the 80 minutes. More connected that below


A quality successful a fewer possessions – 1 successful each of the pursuing games – Syracuse x2, Florida State, Boston College – and the Irish could easy beryllium sitting astatine 4-3 successful ACC play. 

1st crippled vs. Syracuse – Down five, with nether 1:20 to play, Cormac Ryan and Marcus Hammond recorded back-to-back three-point plays to spell up 61-60, but the Orange answered with 14 seconds connected the clock. Notre Dame couldn’t link connected the buzzer-beater, falling 62-61.

Florida State – With six seconds remaining connected the timepiece down one, Notre Dame ran a large in-bounds play to Wertz but his adjacent walk to an unfastened and sprinting Cormac Ryan was thrown conscionable a tad excessively high/long arsenic the Seminoles tracked it down and escaped with a 73-72 win. The Irish were connected a 6-0 tally with 2 large antiaircraft stands successful the last infinitesimal earlier the last play of the game.

Boston College – The Irish led for the archetypal 37:19 of the crippled but Boston College closed connected a 17-4 tally to instrumentality it 70-63. Notre Dame led 59-53 with 4 minutes remaining. When BC took its archetypal pb astatine 1:43, 62-61, Notre Dame went 0-3 connected its adjacent 3 possessions.

2nd crippled astatine Syracuse – Irish led for a majority, 26:19 successful fact, starring arsenic overmuch arsenic 12 points with 12:54 to play. However, the Orange yet closed the crippled connected a 24-10 scoring run, stealing the triumph from the Irish successful the closing minutes. The Irish, who made a season-high 15 three-pointers successful the contest, abruptly went cold, missing 8 of their past 9 three-pointer attempts. 


Offensively, that was 1 of ND’s champion games of the season. They converted a season-best 15 three-pointers. In fact, they recorded a agelong successful which they made 11 of 16 3 attempts. But arsenic overmuch arsenic the three-ball giveth, the three-ball taketh, arsenic 1 has to wonderment if they could person gotten a fewer much – for the Irish missed connected 8 of their past 9 3 attempts of the game. 

Next, the Irish dished retired a season-high 21 assists connected 27 made baskets. Plus, they didn’t crook the shot implicit much, lone committing 5 successful the game. 

Four antithetic Irish had astatine slightest 3 treys – Laszewski, Wertz, Hammond and Goodwin. 

Hammond shone agleam with a season-best 18 points connected 6-of-10 shooting and 4-for-7 clip from three. 

23 IN ‘23

Goodwin has recovered his violative bushed and is Notre Dame’s champion subordinate close present with 6 consecutive games successful treble figures. He’s amassed 86 points successful the past 6 games, averaging 14.3 ppg. He is 35-of-69 from the tract and 9-of-24 from three. 

In 2023 (4 games), Goodwin is averaging 15.0 ppg. He’s besides been much progressive connected the solid grabbing 27 boards implicit the past 4 games.

He had a play precocious 6 assists to spell with his 15 points astatine Syracuse connected Jan. 14. A crippled anterior vs Georgia Tech, helium produced a squad precocious 19 points and a vocation champion 12 rebounds. Goodwin connected connected a large 3 successful the overtime play to assistance seal the win.  


Marcus Hammond is starting to get successful a groove arsenic of precocious and beryllium that feline that Coach Brey thought helium could beryllium for the Irish. 

He has 64 points implicit the past 6 games, averaging 10.7 points successful that span. Specifically, he’s been stellar from three, connecting connected aggregate treys successful 5 of the past 6 games (14-of-30). 

Hammond is coming disconnected a play champion 18 points down a play precocious 4 three-pointers astatine Syracuse connected Jan. 14. He led the squad successful scoring and adjacent flashed his fast-break prowess with a mates large drives successful the 2nd half. 

Now the Hammond breakout crippled was Dec. 27 vs Jacksonville erstwhile helium poured successful a squad champion 15 points successful the win. He changeable 6-of-11 from the tract and 3-of-7 from deep, taking power of the Irish discourtesy and pushing the tempo.  

A fewer days later, Hammond scored 10 of his 12 points successful the 2nd fractional vs. Miami, which included a four-point play which made it a one-possession crippled with 12 min remaining. 


Cormac Ryan sits astatine 984 vocation points, which spans his four-year vocation (including his freshman twelvemonth astatine Stanford). However, helium inactive needs 225 points to scope 1,000 astatine Notre Dame. 


Over the past 12 games, Notre Dame has knocked down 118 three-pointers (9.8 per game) which leads each Power-Five schools since Nov. 30. 

Overall connected the season, they are averaging 9.1 threes per game, which would ace the program’s all-time top-10. The programme grounds is 9.7 acceptable by the 19-20 squad. 

Furthermore, let’s dive into the caller three-point shooting trends of the team:

– Wertz – 12-of-23 from heavy successful the past 5 games aka 52.2 percent. Trey’s past 6 made buckets person each been three-pointers. Going further back, 9 of Trey’s past 10 made buckets person been threes. Trey tied his play precocious of 4 astatine Syracuse connected Jan. 14 and the crippled anterior helium made 2 clutch precocious threes successful the OT triumph versus Georgia Tech. 

– Hammond – connected connected aggregate threes successful 5 of the past 6 games. He’s 14-for-30 during that stretch. And here’s a stat for you – Hammond is shooting amended from 3 (.450) than wide from the tract (.437). Lastly, his .450 three-point percent leads the team. 

– Ryan – has made a 3 successful 13 consecutive games and has made 1 successful each but 2 games this season. 

— ND —