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It’s clip erstwhile again for different variation of 10 x 100. Every 4 to six weeks, alternatively of a one-topic column, I’ll springiness 10 updates connected concern matters successful 100 words oregon less. Feel escaped to interaction maine astatine the Bath-Brunswick Regional Chamber bureau if you request much accusation connected immoderate of these updates. Here we go!

Groups Recover Together unfastened house, Jan. 18

With 24 branches crossed New England and 16 of those successful Maine, Groups Recover Together has proven to beryllium a palmy programme to assistance radical with substance maltreatment addiction utilizing a premix of individualized plans and radical counseling. On Jan. 18, they’re holding an unfastened location astatine 5 p.m. (106 Pleasant St., Brunswick) to conscionable with radical who privation to perceive much astir however they assistance citizens and section employees. Additionally, they’re receiving a State of New Hampshire accreditation arsenic a recovery-friendly workplace astatine 5:30 p.m. Join us.

Let’s chat astir workforce, Jan. 24

The Maine Tourism Association is holding 5 determination discussions astir workforce astir the authorities implicit the adjacent six weeks, and the 1 happening successful our Bath-Brunswick portion is astatine 10 a.m. Tuesday, Jan. 24, astatine the Community Room astatine MTI (8 Venture Ave., Brunswick). Our enclosure is co-hosting the event, which is slated to past an hr (or we volition enactment longer, too) arsenic we sermon workforce obstacles but truly absorption connected immoderate caller programs and tangible solutions to assistance businesses. You tin RSVP connected the BBRC website astatine

Being excessively engaged to engage

As you work done these updates, and statesman to program your 2023 schedule, here’s a reminder to beryllium definite you’re not excessively engaged to engage. Sometimes it feels similar we don’t person a prime astir however engaged we are, but if we measurement back, we often tin spot that we’re the ones continuing to marque the decisions to support america truthful busy. We each request clip to decompress and get retired of our ain heads — marque definite you marque clip for this and that you’re not excessively engaged to prosecute successful things extracurricular of your business. There are galore events play happening successful the region, and galore are programs that tin assistance you and those you enactment with. If you’re an employer, admit the signs of pain out, and don’t beryllium acrophobic to downshift. If you’re an employee, your bosses person ne'er been much consenting to beryllium flexible, due to the fact that they can’t spend to suffer you; so, if you request a downshift, fto them cognize and precise apt they volition enactment with you.

United Way Midcoast CA$H escaped taxation prep

One of the large yearly programs successful the portion is the Untied Way of Midcoast Maine’s escaped taxation mentation work for households making little than $60,000 per year. IRS-certified unpaid taxation filers tin assistance you record for escaped if you conscionable the requirements. Appointment scheduling opened this week, for some the Wiscasset and Bath regions. Call 295-6340 oregon 751-3756 to marque an appointment. To larn more, telephone 295-6340 oregon email [email protected]

City of Bath broad plan, Jan. 24

The City of Bath is moving connected a caller broad program to assistance signifier the aboriginal of the city, and they’re looking for assemblage feedback. Drop by the Bath City Hall Auditorium immoderate clip betwixt 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. connected Tuesday, Jan. 24, to enactment successful their Values and Visions workshop. This is store volition inquire you to reply immoderate map-based questions and different open-ended questions connected what you would similar to spot successful the metropolis of Bath. All are invited to attend, and again, you don’t request to be for the full 3 hours, but alternatively driblet by during those 3 hours to stock your thoughts.

BBRC Annual Meeting of the Membership, Jan. 31

Member businesses, people your calendars to articulation america for the chamber’s Annual Meeting of the Membership astatine 6 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 31. This bylaw-mandated gathering happens during our January After Hours lawsuit from 5-7 p.m. The determination was not confirmed astatine the clip I needed to taxable this column, but I tin astir warrant erstwhile you work this the determination volition person been set. This gathering is for 2 purposes: to ballot connected the 2023 slate of directors and officers and to judge immoderate bylaw changes needed. Look for lawsuit details and RSVP connected the BBRC website astatine The lawsuit accusation is nether the Jan. 31 calendar posting.

Bylaws and policies

Speaking of bylaws and your organization’s policies, this twelvemonth mightiness beryllium a bully twelvemonth for you to look implicit them. Considering that galore concern owners are reaching an property erstwhile they request to person a modulation program successful spot for their organization, making definite your policies are some close and inactive applicable successful 2023 is simply a large deal. I cognize 1 of the bylaws we’re updating mentions having to get 50 signatures connected a petition for members to nominate a caller manager — boy, does that look intolerable successful 2023. Just look astatine your governing policies; you ne'er cognize erstwhile you whitethorn request them.

SBA transitions webinar, Jan. 25

Speaking of transitions and succession planning, the Small Business Administration is holding a 90-minute webinar astatine 10 a.m. Wednesday, Jan. 25, called “Business Transitions – How Can You Preserve Your Legacy?” To register, log connected to the BBRC website astatine and hunt the Jan. 25 lawsuit dates.

BBRC Awards Night nominations

Our chamber’s yearly Awards Night is coming successful March, but the nominations for awards is closing Jan. 31. Get y0ur nominations to maine for the concern oregon idiosyncratic you deliberation deserves designation astatine [email protected]

Hacker’s Ball May 12 astatine BGC

Save the date, oregon registry with me, for the Chamber’s Annual Golf Tournament, the Hacker’s Ball, connected May 12 astatine Brunswick Golf Club. Due to an impending paternity permission successful April, we’re hoping to person each teams signed up by the extremity of March. Contact maine astatine [email protected] for much details.

Cory King is enforcement manager of the Bath-Brunswick Regional Chamber of Commerce.

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