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The first Republican statement is now officially teed up for Milwaukee successful August. Three notable candidates are now successful nan race. Who other is astir to return nan leap?


DONALD TRUMP, FORMER PRESIDENT: I'm thrilled to beryllium backmost successful this beautiful state.


NIKKI HALEY (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: It's a awesome time successful South Carolina.

SEN. TIM SCOTT (R-SC): Hello, Iowa!

BREAM (voice-over): Senator Tim Scott tests nan waters aft chatter he possibly nan adjacent Republican to jump successful and situation Donald Trump for nan White House. The South Carolina Republican joins america to talk his governmental aspirations and his Faith successful America Tour. Senator Tim Scott only connected "FOX News Sunday".

And concerns equine arsenic China appears to turn person to Russia.

JOHN KIRBY, WHITE HOUSE NSC SPOKESMAN: Clearly, that would person very, very bad ramifications.

BREAM: Now, China is calling for an extremity to nan conflict successful Ukraine amid reports Beijing is aiding Putin's warfare effort. We'll beryllium down pinch Senator Ben Cardin, a personnel of nan Senate Foreign Relations Committee connected heightened tensions and Putin's vow to suspend information successful a cardinal atomic arms agreement.

Then, nan forewoman of nan typical expansive assemblage investigating Trump's actions successful Georgia aft 2020 goes connected a media blitz hinting astir indictments.

EMILY KOHRS, TRUMP GRAND JUROR: There are surely names that you will recognize.

BREAM: We'll inquire our Sunday sheet whether her actions could undermine nan credibility of nan prosecution's case.

Plus, a look wrong nan sketchbook of nan courtroom master that takes you wrong nan nation's biggest cases.

All correct now connected "FOX News Sunday."


BREAM (on camera): Hello, from FOX News successful Washington.

We're still astir a twelvemonth retired from seeing voters caput to nan polls successful 2024 primaries, but nan Republican section is taking style pinch respective candidates already declared. And location is simply a lengthy roster of imaginable candidates promising decisions successful nan coming months. Many of those high-profile names are making high-profile trips to those early superior and caucus states.

In a moment, we will speak unrecorded pinch Republican Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina who was nan taxable of immoderate caller speculation caller retired of Iowa.

But, first, a look astatine his caller travels to that all-important state.


SCOTT: As I perceive much from nan constituency present successful Iowa and astir nan country, it will springiness maine much accusation connected what to do next.

BREAM (voice-over): Tim Scott's travels successful Iowa person nan consciousness of a run minus nan charismatic announcement.

SCOTT: For America to beryllium astatine our best, we person to activity together.

BREAM: His Faith successful America Tour is nan latest successful a accelerated emergence from a single-parent location to congressman to senator.

THEN-GOVERNOR NIKKI HALEY (R), SOUTH CAROLINA: I would for illustration to present to you our Senate-elect Tim Scott.

BREAM: As nan Senate's only Black Republican, Scott has worked for bipartisan statement connected reliable issues.

SCOTT: I deliberation nan rumor of policing successful America seriously. I want our assemblage to spot it not arsenic an rumor of Republicans versus Democrats, but arsenic bully group opinionated successful nan spread elected to do a occupation that we each ran to do.

BREAM: Today, Scott is sharing his communicative of increasing up mediocre inspired by his mother.

SCOTT: My mom said, we could beryllium victims aliases victors. She chose victorious.

BREAM: He's focused connected nan affirmative but he's taking shots astatine President Biden.

SCOTT: I understand that President Biden lives successful nan past because he's been successful Washington for 50 years.

BREAM: He is drawn superior 2024 speculation but is now successful nan spot to make nan lawsuit for himself.

SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS HOST: What are nan differences successful position of argumentation positions that's, for example, you whitethorn person pinch President Trump.

SCOTT: Probably not very galore astatine all.


BREAM: So, joining america now to talk his imaginable White House run, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott.

Senator, invited backmost to "FOX News Sunday".

SEN. TIM SCOTT (R-SC): Good morning, Shannon. I dream you're doing well.

BREAM: I am. I dream you are arsenic well. I'm judge you're a spot jetlagged because you spent a batch of clip successful Iowa and that's gotten a batch of notice. You've been testing a connection there.

Do you now spot a lane for you successful nan 2024 GOP primary?

SCOTT: You know, Shannon, much importantly than a lane for maine is, do we person lane for young kids increasing up successful single-parent households for illustration I did? Looking astatine moms, azygous mothers who are moving 16 hours a time for illustration my mom did, tin we make judge nan lane to nan American Dream is wide unfastened for them?

I spent nan time pinch Governor Reynolds who conscionable passed monumental schoolhouse prime reform, a powerful instrumentality to make judge that parents person a prime and kids person a chance.

So, my attraction is still connected nan ngo of making judge that each azygous American believes that nan American Dream is achievable for them.

BREAM: So, you talk pinch an optimistic message, and we talked astir really you are highlighting religion not only successful nan belief sense, but that you want Americans to person religion successful each other.  

I want to put up our caller FOX News canvass --

SCOTT: Yes. 

BREAM: -- astir really Americans consciousness astir things today. They say, we are dysfunctional family, 81 percent of them.

Is it realistic to judge that you aliases immoderate different leader tin get america retired of our corners and get group backmost to a spot wherever location isn't truthful overmuch division?

SCOTT: There's nary doubt, Shannon, that erstwhile you look astatine that poll, that's 1 of nan reasons why I deliberation it's really important for america to travel guardant and person an authentic and sincere speech astir nan goodness of America. In today's society, nan progressive near is trying to make America into grievance civilization erstwhile successful truth we've ever stood connected nan instauration of greatness.

Our original misdeed should ne'er specify america because nan communicative of redemption is what we've been surviving done much than 50-plus years. The top communicative of advancement successful nan world is American advancement successful nan past 50 years. I wish we'd walk much clip talking astir nan goodness of this federation and extremity nan cancel culture.

BREAM: OK. Let's talk astir this affirmative connection successful talking astir things for illustration cancel culture. Will it work?

"The New York Times" says this astir your assets being optimistic and perchance history-making arsenic nan nominee. Both of those assets could beryllium to beryllium a liability successful today's Republican superior situation wherever voters obstruction against what they spot is unfair favoritism toward group of colour and wherever activists whitethorn beryllium much willing successful anger than optimism.

Everybody says they dislike antagonistic ads. They don't for illustration nan governmental sniping. But nan numbers show america they really worked.

So, will this optimistic connection work?

SCOTT: Well, certainly, I deliberation it's ever worked. I mean, America is simply a state founded connected nan conception of hope.

Think astir it this measurement -- a world without America is simply a very acheronian place. America without religion is simply a federation without hope. So we decidedly person to proceed to activity connected nan instauration that we person stood upon for nan past 250-plus years.

But successful summation to that, we person to beryllium capable to opposition betwixt why we are a awesome state and why nan near wants america to talk astir nan grievance. The truth is that nan near is trying to waste a supplier of victimhood and a narcotic of despair.

The truth is we person truthful overmuch to observe and yet today, successful galore parts of nan country, you consciousness for illustration you're successful quicksand. We should not let nan zip codification of a kid to find nan value of their life because acquisition is nan astir powerful instrumentality to equalize opportunity successful this nation. But location are mediocre zip codes wherever that's not possible.

We person to do thing astir that arsenic 1 American family and, frankly, governors for illustration Kim Reynolds and others are starting to return that responsibility, and beryllium that we arsenic nan GOP, nan awesome opportunity party, we emotion America, we emotion our kids, and frankly, we are nan champion dream for a agreed future.

BREAM: OK. I want to talk astir schoolhouse prime successful a infinitesimal but a mates of different things astir your --

SCOTT: Yes, ma'am.

BREAM: -- travel to Iowa.

So, not everybody thought your connection was uplifting, including this 1 newsman from "The New York Magazine's" "Intelligencer". He says this: It's difficult to callback a much stridently asserted look of belief that nan way to nationalist bid and unity requires nan subjugation of 1 statement by nan other, nan Scott reside was a relentlessly partisan screed accusing Joe Biden and nan near of pursuing a blueprint for ruining America.

So, really does that quadrate pinch nan connection of america having religion successful each different arsenic Americans?

SCOTT: Well, Shannon, that's a awesome question. And erstwhile again, it goes backmost to nan opposition that is necessary. I'm a hopeful feline not because I didn't person to flooded problems. I had a miserable beginning, increasing up successful a single-parent family mired successful poverty, nan challenges that I look from self-esteem to debased grades were monumental.

I overcame those challenges pinch grit, difficult work, and inspiration. And so, nan truth is, nan near today, they look to beryllium moving connected a blueprint connected really to ruin America. If you wanted to ruin America, you would people and walk trillions of dollars starring to nan highest ostentation we've seen successful 40 years.

Why is that antagonistic to constituent retired nan truth that nether Joe Biden's leadership, we've had nan highest ostentation successful 40 years? Why is it antagonistic to constituent retired that we've had 4 and a half cardinal group crossed our confederate separator illegally? Why is it antagonistic to constituent retired nan truth that we've had 100,000 deaths to overdoses linked to fentanyl thousands upon thousands of those deaths?

If we don't understand nan authorities of America and nan weakness of nan progressive movement, past it's intolerable for america to connection affirmative optimistic solutions to nan challenges that we look because of nan progressive helping of nan Democratic Party.

BREAM: You touch location and you do often astir your individual story. It's very inspiriting and compelling to group whether they support you aliases not, but moreover your supporters opportunity location has to been more.

An sentiment portion very favorable to you says this: you're a talented campaigner uncovering your theme, but you person to beryllium observant not to substitute first-person communicative for an statement astir why he is nan correct personification to lead nan country.

So if you get in, what is nan statement for you policy-wise versus President Trump aliases anybody other who gets into this field? How are you different aliases amended than nan different options?

SCOTT: Well, Shannon, 1 of nan things I emotion to return clip to talk about, I dream we person astir 30 minutes near to person this speech is nan argumentation --


BREAM: Slightly less.

SCOTT: OK, it sounds good.

The argumentation positions that I've taken. One of nan astir important parts of being successful nan mostly was nan opportunity we person pinch nan Tax and Cut and Jobs Act. I had nan bully luck to beryllium nan lead sponsor of nan TCJA connected nan individual broadside of nan taxation code.

So I had nan opportunity to thief constitute that circumstantial legislation. And we've lowered their taxes for a azygous mom by 70 percent. We promised to put much than $4,000 backmost successful nan mean family's pocket, we ended up astir $4,400.

We were capable to little unemployment for African-Americans, Hispanics and Asians to nan lowest level successful nan history of nan state and nan lowest level since World War II for women.

We really saw much money travel to nan Treasury pinch little taxes than anyone imagined and astatine nan nonstop aforesaid time, wages grew astatine nan bottommost faster than astatine nan top.

I created opportunity zones, my signature legislation, that has seen much than $50 cardinal onslaught poorness successful nan hardest deed areas of nan country.

At nan aforesaid clip I focused connected education, I started nan School Choice Caucus. We led to nan highest level of backing for HBCUs In nan history of nan state and past we made it permanent.

I led connected nan immense mostly of those pieces of legislation, I've worked connected constabulary betterment wherever we want to make judge that nan champion wore nan badge, that nan officers person nan champion resources, nan champion training, and we ne'er questioned their qualified immunity.

We had to guidelines successful nan spread erstwhile it matters nan astir -- that intends starring from nan beforehand and not from nan back.

BREAM: I want to make judge quickly if we tin because I want to couple's -- to a mates of these issues.

SCOTT: Yes, ma'am.

BREAM: School choice. Lisa Lightner, a typical acquisition advocate, said what you do is extremity up hurting nationalist schools erstwhile you fto parents return nan money elsewhere. She says nan imagination is that nan aforesaid magnitude of money dispersed retired complete much schools, only nan champion would survive. If a nationalist schoolhouse has to compete pinch nan charter aliases backstage school, it will find a measurement to go better.

But she asked, really tin they amended if you return moreover much money from them? It's conscionable not possible.

Your response?

SCOTT: So, let's look astatine Success Academy successful New York City wherever you spot nan populations are astir 87 percent number and yet their schools are nan apical successful nan authorities of New York. What we've seen very consistently, charter schools gets astir half nan money arsenic nationalist schools, yet location are nationalist charter schools that supply prime for nan parents and amended value education.

Out of nan apical 25 percent of precocious schools successful nan nation, much than -- astir 12 aliases astir half of those are charter schools. So what we're seeing astir nan state is simply a occurrence of immoderate shape of schoolhouse choice.

And, by nan way, I don't attraction whether it's a nationalist school, a backstage school, a charter school, a STEM school, a location school, a virtual school, I want each kid successful each zip codification to person value education. That should amended each aspects of education, not trim funding.

BREAM: So, I asked Ambassador Haley astir this past week, that this article that says nan GOP -- fundamentally U.N. Ambassador Haley springiness GOP screen connected connection of grace. It says, Scott's connection is that racism is not an organization aliases systemic problem, but an individual failing. That's precisely what conservatives want to perceive truthful they tin say, well, I'm not a racist, which intends we don't person to do overmuch of thing astir racism.

SCOTT: The only connection I tin deliberation of is hogwash. The truth of nan matter is I was Austin connected Friday having a speech pinch respective 100 GOPers and we talked specifically astir really nan Jim Crow South impacted my family specifically.

My grandfather made nan prime to beryllium stubborn successful his faith, his religion successful nan future, religion successful himself and religion successful this nation. But we had to flooded those challenges.

What I don't for illustration is erstwhile we perceive President Biden talk astir Jim Crow 2.0 erstwhile my family lived done Jim Crow, and that's erstwhile you had to fig retired nan number of jellybeans successful nan jar successful bid to formed a ballot. To propose that nan existent Georgia predetermination laws are accordant pinch Jim Crow is conscionable a lie.

And so, what we person to do is make judge that we limb our group coming pinch nan challenges of coming and not dress for illustration we're surviving successful 1923 arsenic opposed to 2023.

BREAM: All right. So, we person to go, Senator, but do you person a timeline for making an announcement aliases decision?

SCOTT: Well, I'm going to -- I made a determination to spell to religion astatine 11:30 today.

BREAM: I will beryllium pursuing you location aft nan show arsenic well.

When you determine astir your governmental early --

SCOTT: Amen.

BREAM: -- please fto america know.

SCOTT: Yes, ma'am. Have a awesome day.

BREAM: Senator, convey you.

Up next, nan warfare successful Ukraine passes nan 1 twelvemonth people amid increasing concerns astir shortages of subject instrumentality successful nan U.S. and beyond. Democrat Senator Ben Cardin joins america adjacent live.


BREAM: China wants nan world to position it arsenic a peacemaker, now calling for a cease-fire betwixt Russia and Ukraine. But nan move is prompting skepticism successful nan West amid reports that Beijing is considering providing Russia pinch subject assistance.

Joining maine now, Maryland Democrat Senator Ben Cardin, a personnel of nan Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Senator, invited backmost to "FOX News Sunday".

SEN. BEN CARDIN (D-MD): Good to beryllium pinch you. Thank you, Shannon.

BREAM: And you're caller backmost from Europe, wherever you sat down pinch leaders from each complete nan world to person these conversations astir wherever you spell next.

CARDIN: Absolutely. We were successful Vienna. There was meetings of nan OSCE, Organization for Security and Cooperation successful Europe's parliamentary assembly. We met pinch galore delegations including nan Ukrainians who were location successful nan city, not successful nan venue hallway because of nan Russian presence.

But we had an opportunity to show unity successful support of Ukraine, to make clear that Russia -- this is Russia's warfare of aggression.

BREAM: Let's talk astir this, nan domiciled of China here, because some Ukrainian president and nan Russian president person said they scheme excessively aliases they're going to meet pinch President Xi. So, China is correct successful nan mediate of this full point astatine this point.

We've sewage a brand-new Fox News canvass retired this greeting that shows 68 percent of Americans deliberation China is simply a awesome threat to that U.S., adhd different 26 percent who opportunity location are immoderate threats. That's 94 percent of Americans who really don't spot China.

What do you make of their increasing domiciled successful nan mediate of this Russian- Ukrainian conflict?

CARDIN: I'm pinch nan 68 percent. I do deliberation China is simply a awesome threat against nan United States.

Look, they're encouraging this warfare by moving pinch Russia, now possibly providing further weapons for Russia to beryllium capable to prosecute this warfare of aggression. This is an onslaught connected nan sovereignty of nan antiauthoritarian state. There's nary mobility that Ukraine is nan beforehand line, but Russia will not extremity there.

And China is assisting that, truthful China is simply a awesome threat against nan United States.

BREAM: So, to that constituent astir perchance sending overly lethal aid, "The Washington Post" reports connected it, it says: If China does move forward, it'd beryllium nan first clip that Beijing has done that successful this conflict contempt repeated warnings by nan United States not to supply specified support.

It doesn't sound for illustration they are very acrophobic of our warnings.

CARDIN: Well, China needs to cognize location will beryllium consequences. So, we've isolated Russia economically. We tin do nan aforesaid point successful regards to sanctions against China.

China needs to understand they request to beryllium connected nan correct broadside of history here. And an onslaught connected nan sovereignty of an independent state, what Russia has done arsenic a warfare of aggression and China should beryllium pinch america successful nan overwhelming mostly of nan world to speak out.

The ballot successful nan United States Security Council -- General Assembly indicated nan wide knowing of who is responsible for this war. China sat connected nan sidelines connected that vote. That was wrong. But clearly, they should beryllium connected nan correct broadside of history.

BREAM: So China was among nan 32 who abstained. They didn't want to ballot connected this measurement that said that Russia's penetration was incorrect and it has to stop. Secretary Blinken will besides sojourn 3 countries this week, who did nan aforesaid thing, they obtained for voting, truthful what should his connection beryllium to them?

CARDIN: You can't beryllium connected nan sidelines. You sewage to prime a broadside present and nan 1 broadside is right, 1 broadside arsenic wrong. Russia is wrong.

So, if you're assisting Russia, you are assisting an aggressor who is trying to invade nan sovereignty of an independent authorities and your state could beryllium next. So subordinate america successful opinionated up against this onslaught connected sovereignty.

BREAM: I want to put up immoderate marque caller polling that we sewage this morning. There is simply a measurement of President Biden's occupation capacity connected nan number of things. The apical 4 each subordinate to overseas policy: Russia, Ukraine, nan Chinese spy balloon, nationalist security, overseas policy.

He is upside down connected each of that, and nan disapproval outweighing nan approval. So Americans deliberation that nan president is failing connected these foreign-policy fronts and a mostly of Democrats who are superior voters erstwhile asked astir whether they want him to tally again, 53 percent opportunity they want to spot personification else.

Where do you guidelines connected that? Should he tally again?

CARDIN: I deliberation President Biden has shown not only world activity for nan United States. I saw that astatine this gathering wherever nan U.S. and President Biden were truthful respected, his sojourn to Kyiv, his reside successful Warsaw. It really reunited nan free world.

And domestically, I deliberation nan expertise to walk up a awesome schedule during nan first 2 years shows that he knows really to grip our home agenda, rebuild our infrastructure, woody pinch nan CHIPS and Science bill, to return connected China arsenic world competitor, to woody pinch ambiance change.

I deliberation his activity has been very valuable for our state and I deliberation he will beryllium shown historically to person been a very effective president.

BREAM: Why do you deliberation nan polls don't bespeak that? Because nan numbers getting worse erstwhile you get into things for illustration immigration, inflation, nan economy. People are progressively reasoning this president is not getting nan occupation done.

CARDIN: I deliberation nan challenges of emblematic American families has precocious -- there's precocious prices. We person to woody pinch that. The reality that it's difficult to make ends meet.

I deliberation President Biden understands. He's intelligibly addressed inflation. We've reduced ostentation successful this country, but I deliberation it's difficult coming for a family and that's reflected successful immoderate of nan celebrated polls.

BREAM: It is. Okay, truthful let's spell -- I want to get much of nan overseas argumentation worldly because we're a twelvemonth into this now, and we're now proceeding expanding concerns astir inventory, what we tin supply and others astir nan world tin supply successful Ukraine.

The Army caput said this week it could beryllium 2024, aliases 2025, by nan clip it takes that we've -- promise tin really get there. The Center for Strategic and International Studies says six captious U.S. systems, these are missiles, ammunition, those kinds of things, artillery, are getting depleted. They opportunity astir inventories will return galore years to switch and inventory replenishment will go an progressively pressing problem.

And past nan secretary-general of NATO said this connected Thursday.


JENS STOLTENBERG, NATO SECRETARY GENERAL: The situation now is that nan depletion of artillery shells is higher our production. So far, we person depleted our stocks, but this is not sustainable.


BREAM: So, really do we woody pinch nan reality that nan U.S. and other, you know, Western nations who are trying to thief Ukraine present are moving short connected subject supplies? We don't person a bully scheme for replenishing them and really susceptible that whitethorn lead america if we extremity up successful different conflict location else, deity forbid, China and Taiwan?

CARDIN: Let maine show you, Russia is depleting its supplies. It's having a situation supplying their troops pinch nan basal instrumentality to prosecute this warfare of aggression.

We intelligibly person been highly adjuvant to Ukraine. They person acknowledged that. It's not conscionable nan United States. It's really been our coalition.

Yes, we request to replenish nan instrumentality and make much blase instrumentality available. We request to bring this warfare to an extremity pinch Ukraine's triumph and that intends supplying them pinch nan instrumentality they request to successfully take sides their sovereignty.

It's going to beryllium a challenge, make nary correction astir it, but we've had coordination connected nan proviso chains and we've been very effective successful supplying it. There's a limit arsenic to what Ukrainians tin use, but we person to make judge they person everything they need.

BREAM: What astir our effect of being capable to replenish that inventory we talked about? This study talks astir really galore years it would return america to drawback up. If this conflict, unfortunately, cipher sees nan extremity successful show aliases nan decorativeness line, wherever does that time off america susceptible to different places successful a world were we whitethorn get drawn into conflicts?

CARDIN: We person what we request to take sides ourselves. We are continuing to replenish what we need. We're not going to spell beneath a captious level successful bid to take sides our nationalist security.

But make nary correction astir it: our nationalist information is connected nan beforehand statement successful Ukraine today. It's successful nan United States' liking to make judge that Ukraine wins this war. So our investments present are to thief america take sides our ain country.

BREAM: You cognize location are those -- your colleagues are among them connected nan Hill who are calling for much of an articulation from nan White House astir what our nationalist information interests are there, wherever our commitments begun and extremity there.

Mike Lee, Republican senator, tweeted this retired this week. He says: After sending $113 cardinal to Ukraine successful 2022, why should nan U.S. moreover see sending much money until each NATO personnel has begun spending astatine slightest 2 percent of its GDP connected defense and has been astatine slightest arsenic overmuch of its GDP connected nan Ukraine assistance arsenic nan U.S. did successful 2022?

Does he person a point?

CARDIN: Well, we do judge that each NATO should walk astatine slightest 2 percent connected defense and we person a crippled scheme to make that a reality and we've seen tremendous advancement connected our NATO allies. What we request to do, of course, we person Sweden and Finland. We request to grow NATO to see those 2 countries. We're successful nan process of doing that.

We want our European friends to do their adjacent stock and they are moving successful nan correct direction.

But make nary correction astir it: Ukraine needs our thief now. We person to proviso nan thief now because it's a captious infinitesimal successful nan battle.

We don't want this to beryllium a agelong campaign. We want to triumph is quickly arsenic possible. We want to thief Ukraine execute those objects.

BREAM: Andy McCarthy, our workfellow present astatine FOX, wrote a portion this week and he talked astir really acold we are consenting to go. If you're estimating $100 cardinal to $200 cardinal a year, do we do that for 3 years, 5 years, 8 years? And Andy says, if we're going to do that, we person to determine what we trim connected this clip domestically.

As you know, we've already deed nan indebtedness -- nan indebtedness ceiling. You guys are going to person immoderate reliable votes. Or does that mean that this measure conscionable goes to our children and grandchildren? How do we equilibrium those competing fiscal interests?

CARDIN: Shannon, it's a awesome question. We person to woody pinch nan fund realities and we person to travel together, Democrats and Republicans. We have, arsenic you know, nan House is controlled by Republicans. The Senate, america (ph) Democrats.

We've sewage travel together for nan fund scheme for our country. National information has to beryllium a priority. The magnitude of resources were putting into Ukraine will travel backmost to use america successful nan agelong run.

So we really request to make judge they person everything they request to triumph this campaign. That's nan contiguous rumor is to make judge Ukraine wins this war. But we besides person to make judge that we enactment beardown successful our nationalist defense and our home priorities are besides funded and do it successful a responsible measurement that does not adhd to nan deficits of this country, recognizing it's not adjacent for our children and grandchildren.

BREAM: Yeah. We wish you each of you connected Capitol Hill bully luck pinch figuring that out.

Senator, acknowledgment for coming in. Always bully to person you.

CARDIN: Thank you.

BREAM: Up next, we will talk 2024 and stock our brand-new FOX News polls conscionable this hour. We'll bring successful our Sunday group adjacent for a look astatine wherever Republican voters guidelines erstwhile it comes to nan large names successful their party, next.


BREAM: We've sewage brand-new Fox News polls this morning. And 1 twelvemonth retired from nan 2024 primaries, we person a heavy dive into which names voters want to spot connected nan ballot.

Right now, 43 percent of Republican superior voters chose Donald Trump arsenic their preferred nominee. That's followed by Ron DeSantis pinch 28 percent. Nikki Haley and Mike Pence each astatine 7 percent. Texas Governor Greg Abbott and erstwhile Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney each astatine 2 percent. All others getting 1 percent aliases less.

Meanwhile, connected nan Democratic side, 53 percent of superior voters would for illustration to spot personification different than Joe Biden run, but 37 percent opportunity they do want to spot nan president backmost connected nan ticket.

Let's tally nan numbers pinch our Sunday group.

District Media Group President Beverly Hallberg, Axiom Strategies co- laminitis and CEO Jeff Roe, erstwhile DNC communications head Mo Elleithee, and "Axios" elder authorities newsman Josh Kraushaar.

Welcome, everybody.



BREAM: OK, truthful we want to put that backmost up, nan GOP poll. There are a batch of names connected there. One of them you heard from a short clip ago, Tim Scott.

Jeff, does it make consciousness for him to get in? Do you spot a lane?

ROE: Sure. Absolutely. He should get in. He's a awesome sound for nan Republican Party. He's been a awesome senator. But nan reality is, is this is simply a two-person title betwixt Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis. Nearly 75 percent of nan voters person chosen betwixt those two. We've not seen that from a politician aliases moreover frankly a legislator person that benignant of spot this early successful a - successful a statesmanlike primary.

So, nan reality is, this will beryllium a very mini field. A batch of group were talking astir a crazy barroom brawl. I don't deliberation truthful astatine all. I deliberation it's going to beryllium a mini section because nan money's not there, nan statement shape rules will support it very limited. Yet person to person a philanthropist threshold, you person to person nationalist polling, and there's simply nary room for a - for a 3rd and 4th aliases moreover 5th personification successful this race.

BREAM: So, Beverly, anybody other getting successful astatine this point? Is it a discarded of clip aliases are they moving for VP? What are they doing?

HALLBERG: Well, I deliberation they're moving for conscionable nan sanction identity, whether that is for VP aliases for different purposes arsenic good because deliberation moreover erstwhile Donald Trump ran initially for president, I don't deliberation he thought he was going to get nan nomination, but it does awesome things for group 's businesses, et cetera.

But I deliberation what we're going to beryllium looking for is really agelong group enactment in. So, I agree, it's going to beryllium nan two-person title betwixt Ron DeSantis and Trump much than apt . But if group are for anybody but Trump connected nan Republican side, nan much crowded nan section is, nan harder it's going to beryllium for anybody to conclusion him successful nan primary. So, it depends connected whether aliases not definite Republicans are going to coalesce together to effort to get group to jump retired quicker.

BREAM: Yes, and, Josh, we're talking astir Ron DeSantis. The governor's not successful nan race, yet.

JOSH KRAUSHAAR, SENIOR POLITICS REPORTER, "AXIOS": He's not successful nan race. And, boy, that number for Donald Trump, 43 percent of nan Republican vote, it is - it is significant. And you underestimate -- each Republican would underestimate Donald Trump astatine their ain risk.

He's had a - softly had a beautiful bully governmental period successful position of doing immoderate of these unit events successful South Carolina that he didn't do a full batch during nan 2020 campaign. His travel to East Palestine, Ohio, up of Pete Buttigieg, going to McDonald's. He's shown benignant of a communal touch that he had problem with, frankly, erstwhile he was president and moving for re- election.

So, these numbers show that Trump is still formidable wrong nan Republican Party. And I work together pinch Jeff, Ron DeSantis, if he does get in, is going to beryllium nan - nan different large elephant successful nan room. But, boy, for illustration Trump, immoderate - you know, you're not proceeding a batch of Republicans going aft Trump. They're going aft DeSantis aliases trying to fig retired wherever they guidelines successful nan party. And I deliberation they do that astatine location ain peril because Trump is still very, very celebrated wrong nan Republican Party.

BREAM: Yes, and it's tricky for them because erstwhile you property them connected wherever they're different aliases why they're a amended option, they don't want to spell straight astatine President Trump astatine this point. And nan canvass astir apt shows a bully logic why.

OK, different poll. We asked people, really overmuch money do you person successful your pouch versus past year. Here are nan numbers. More, 12 percent. Good for those folks. The same, 31 percent. Less, 57 percent. And that is, I mean, a immense jump from -- if you look backmost to February 2018, conscionable a mates years ago, nether nan Trump presidency.

Mo, that whitethorn beryllium portion of nan logic why folks opportunity they aren't excited for a President Biden repeat.

MO ELLEITHEE, GEORGETOWN INSTITUTE OF POLITICS AND PUBLIC SERVICE: Yes, look, I deliberation nan system is arsenic bully arsenic group deliberation it is, right?

BREAM: Perception.

ELLEITHEE: And erstwhile it comes to politics, cognition really matters. The president has a really compelling statement to make astir really nan system has gotten stronger nether him. But group haven't felt it. And there's a elemental norm successful governmental communications, you can't spell retired location and show group that they're incorrect astir really they feel. So, moreover though he can, and he should, proceed to spell retired location and make nan lawsuit astir why nan system is stronger and really it's getting better, nan adjacent portion is nan astir important part, and this is erstwhile excessively galore group oftentimes flub successful politics, we're getting better, but not capable group are emotion it and here's what we're going to do next. That has to beryllium pinch this president talks astir each azygous time for nan adjacent 2 years. And I deliberation he's well- positioned to do it. And I deliberation nan measurement this Republican section is shaping up really gives him moreover much room to do it because if nan Republican section is retired location talking astir really woke nan near is, and nan president is retired location saying nan system is getting stronger but not capable group are emotion it and here's really we're going to make judge you do, that's a opposition Democrats would really for illustration to have.

BREAM: Does anybody deliberation President Biden deciding not to run?


BREAM: We deliberation it's conscionable a matter of time?


BREAM: OK, so, let's put up his support connected immoderate number of issues. This is simply a crowded picture, but we want to fto you see. So, we talked astir this. I talked astir this pinch Senator Cardin. The apical 4 are each overseas policy. He's upside down connected each of those. The numbers only get worse erstwhile you get into opioids, gun, immigration, economy, inflation. Inflation, he's down by, I'm not awesome astatine math, but 35 points, I think.

So, Beverly, what does he do pinch that? How does he move astir those perceptions? Like Mo said, cognition is reality for a batch of folks erstwhile they're trying to salary their bills and put nutrient connected nan table.

HALLBERG: Well, I deliberation he's had a mediocre message. He'll talk astir really bully nan system is, but yet erstwhile group spell to nan market store, moreover if they tin spend it, they're looking astatine what eggs cost, they're looking astatine besides what state costs, and it has gone down a bit, but group are seeing those numbers successful real-time. And truthful he tin opportunity each he wants, that things are great, but if group spot thing different, it's not going to resonate. I deliberation he would do amended if he really talked astir nan symptom group are feeling, acknowledging that, talking astir what he is trying to do to little that. I deliberation that would beryllium a amended connection for him.

BREAM: So, we person this imaginable third-party wrench. I don't know, third- statement aliases not, but we're talking astir Senator Joe Manchin. He had a power question and reply this week. "The Hill" reports connected it this way. When pressed further connected whether he has definitively ruled retired a bid for nan presidency, Manchin responded, I don't know. I deliberation correct now you don't cognize who nan Democrat nominee aliases who nan Republican nominee is going to be. Manchin responded, that's adjacent erstwhile power big Hoppy Kercheval said he thinks nan legislator is still considering moving for nan presidency.

So, Jeff, does he tally arsenic a Democrat? Does he tally arsenic of 3rd parties spoiler?

ROE: That sounds for illustration he's not moving for re-election is what that sounds for illustration because I person a amended chance of winning South Carolina than Joe Manchin does against Joe Biden. So, I deliberation they're successful a pickle present pinch Biden. They can't get free of him. They can't fto him run. And truthful if it's anyone too Trump, it's a existent problem because Trump provides nan guidelines information for Democrats. That's what took america from a humanities 125 cardinal votes turnout for a Republican statesmanlike election, to 150 past time. And truthful I deliberation that's their hope, that they get nan rematch that they want and nan remainder of nan state really isn't looking for.

BREAM: Well, and, Mo, President Trump has not committed to supporting nan GOP nominee if it's not him. So there's besides this ulcer making script for nan GOP that he decides to tally arsenic a third-party candidate.

ELLEITHEE: Yes, look, I deliberation there's galore Republicans who sweat Donald Trump arsenic location are Democrats who sweat Donald Trump. I deliberation he is - he is simply a stepping grenade successful immoderate room of politics, right? You ne'er cognize erstwhile he goes disconnected and what it does.

But I'll opportunity this, I don't cognize what happens successful 2024 because I deliberation location are a batch of questions retired location astir what each campaigner does. Ron DeSantis looks ace strong, but Ron DeSantis has ne'er been tested connected nan nationalist stage. He could get connected a nationalist statement shape - remember, astatine this constituent successful 2016 -- successful 2015, I guess, Jeb Bush looked really beardown for Republicans. Eight years earlier that, Rudy Giuliani looked really beardown for Republicans, earlier they sewage tested. DeSantis hasn't been tested. If I'm connected nan Biden campaign, nan feline I'm looking astatine nan astir intimately is simply a Tim Scott, who has a measurement to talk astir issues different than nan remainder of them who are each retired location trying to beryllium retired anti-woke, retired to - retired anti-woke 1 another. That's not what's going to resonate successful a wide election.

So, I -- I don't cognize what happens. I deliberation nan president knows what he needs to do. And if he's focused connected that, I deliberation he'll get a fewer assists from nan Republican candidates on nan way.

BREAM: OK. Quick break present because we've sewage a batch much to discuss.

Up next, Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene kicked disconnected a heated statement this week tweeting astir what she called, quote, nationalist divorce. (INAUDIBLE) will talk of that and overmuch much arsenic nan congresswoman doubles down.


REP. MARJORIE TAYLOR GREENE (R-GA): This isn't ending our union. This is shrinking nan national government, which we request to extremity our spending.




EMILY KOHRS, GEORGIA GRAND JURY FOREWOMAN: Honestly, I benignant of wanted to lawsuit nan erstwhile president because I get to committedness everyone in. And truthful I thought it would beryllium really cool to get 60 seconds pinch President Trump of maine looking astatine him and being like, do you solemnly swear, and maine getting to committedness him in. I conscionable - I benignant of conscionable thought that would beryllium an awesome moment.


BREAM: That's nan forewoman of nan typical intent expansive assemblage that investigated past President Trump's actions successful Georgia aft nan 2020 election. She made a batch of headlines this week, raise immoderate eyebrows pinch her candor.

We are backmost now pinch nan panel.

All right, Josh, "National Review" wrote connected this and said essentially, this whitethorn beryllium a fortunate break for President Trump. They say, if Emily Kohrs, who was that foreperson, and Fani Willis, nan DA, helped Trump person Republican superior voters that nan Democrats' rather to indict him here, location and everyplace is simply a politicized maltreatment of power, his bid for nan GOP information could get a large boost.

Is this perchance - we're waiting connected imaginable indictments. We person nary thought what's going to hap there. But does this - her media circuit really thief nan Trump team?

KRAUSHAAR: Well, first, by nan way, that was not a "Saturday Night Live" sketch, moreover though she was parodied connected "Saturday Night Live." And, look, I deliberation nan bigger image present is that nan measurement Trump is defeated is done nan governmental system, not - not nan ineligible system. And I deliberation Democrats person put each their chips successful this handbasket that immoderate prosecutor, whether, you know, it's present successful D.C., aliases Fani Willis is Fulton County, is going to person nan smoking weapon that's going to return Trump retired of nan governmental race. And that's conscionable not going to happen.

And, look, moreover if he is indicted, there's immoderate grounds that that - arsenic this - this foreman has said mightiness happen, there's going to beryllium a batch of mobility for nan Trump run rightfully is going to raise astir credibility and impartiality that could taint nan lawsuit earlier it begins. So, you know, nan conception that this is - there's 1 ineligible lawsuit that's going to alteration nan governmental move has ever been wrong. And I deliberation Democrats person had a difficult clip learning that lesson.

BREAM: OK, now, she mentioned this week, he was retired doing immoderate things that are playing good pinch a batch of people. We've sewage him successful Ohio this week going to nan segment of nan trained derailment successful East Palestine while, you know, nan Biden management was taking a batch of power for not getting there.

The president, it seems for illustration he says he doesn't person a scheme to go. When he was pressed connected whether he'd moreover talked to nan section politician there, he said, I don't deliberation I have. But conjecture who has, Donald Trump has been location and talked to him. So, missed opportunity, Mo, for nan administration.

ELLEITHEE: I - I deliberation a batch of group wish they had been their a small spot sooner, but I don't needfully deliberation it was a full missed opportunity. I deliberation nan ongoing national consequence is what's going to matter. The truth that they are holding Norfolk Southern accountable and person been very fierce pinch that is going to matter.

Look, group location are unhappy pinch everybody correct now. They're unhappy pinch nan national government. They're unhappy pinch nan Republican governor. People want to spot much reaction.

I don't deliberation Donald Trump going to manus retired h2o and cleaning supplies is really going to move group 1 measurement aliases another. It really reminds maine very overmuch of his consequence to nan hurricane successful Puerto Rico erstwhile he was president and he went and he tossed retired h2o bottles and insubstantial towels. And, you cognize what, each these years later, Puerto Rico is still dealing pinch nan ramifications of that.

So, it was a governmental stunt, but I deliberation nan management knows that it can't let itself to beryllium seen arsenic absent. And truthful ramping up that response, showing themselves connected nan crushed more. When Trump shows up making nan constituent that, you know, this happened successful portion because of nan deregulations that he put successful spot arsenic president, but focusing connected nan cleanup arsenic quickly arsenic possible.

BREAM: Well - OK. But nan NTSB seems to propose that's not nan lawsuit pinch nan overheated axel. It wasn't an rumor of nan brakes and - and that benignant of regulatory issue. So that statement continues.

ELLEITHEE: But they still did rotation backmost regulations astatine a clip erstwhile group are emotion for illustration possibly location ought to beryllium more. So, there's a governmental conflict to beryllium had. I deliberation nan management is correct to attraction much connected nan cleanup and getting group backmost connected track.


Secretary Buttigieg sewage location aft President Trump did. Here's what he said.


PETE BUTTIGIEG, TRANSPORTATION SECRETARY: What I tried to do was equilibrium 2 things, my desire to beryllium progressive and engaged and connected nan ground, which is really I americium mostly wired to act, and my desire to travel nan norm of proscription secretaries, allowing NTSB to really lead nan first stages of nan nationalist facing (ph) activity (ph). I wasn't (ph) reasoning astir whether I sewage that equilibrium right.


BREAM: Jeff, a batch of group are questioning whether he sewage that equilibrium right.

ROE: It was bad. It was a bad infinitesimal for nan administration. Trump was handing retired water. He was nan first 1 there. And Buttigieg is handing retired apologies. So nan full optics were bad to commencement with.

And past I would person thought, of each nan furniture secretaries, nan 1 personification that wouldn't request manner proposal would beryllium Mayor Pete pinch his boots - and nan fancy boots, and that was a full moment.

But nan reality is, nan number 1 point you do, erstwhile there's a - erstwhile there's a tragedy, is beryllium there. And beryllium location early. And they didn't do that. Trump hit him to it. He sucked nan oxygen retired of nan Ukraine sojourn that Joe Biden had. And truthful it conscionable was a triumph for nan - for nan Trump run and a bad, bad look for nan Biden administration.

BREAM: And nan White House will opportunity they had national crews and assets location connected nan crushed nan time aft nan wreck. The large names weren't there. We haven't - I don't deliberation nan president will go, but to person a furniture secretary, you know, that was later for them. But location person been assets location connected nan ground, to beryllium fair.

OK, truthful let's talk astir Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene and this nationalist divorcement idea. Here's 1 of her tweets. This is not nan original, but she's had many. She said, group saying nationalist divorcement is simply a bad thought because nan near will ne'er extremity trying to power little is virtually making nan lawsuit for nationalist divorce. We don't want a civilian war. We're not surrendering. We're tired of completing pinch nary alteration and want to protect our measurement of life.

I mean, Beverly, this gets backmost to immoderate of nan earlier polling I talked astir pinch Senator Scott. People consciousness very divided successful this country.

HALLBERG: Well, I deliberation it's notable that we person a sitting personnel of Congress who's advocating for breaking up nan United States. So, that's 1 thing. It's an easy point to tweet. It's a difficult point to do successful practice, particularly during Covid erstwhile you spot really galore group person near bluish areas, really would we really practically do this wherever you person bluish cities successful reddish states.

The attraction should beryllium connected federalism and nan attraction should really beryllium connected a pouring cookware and being capable to disagree pinch group successful an agreeable way. That's what we request to look to, not disagreement nan country.

BREAM: Yes, complete connected "National Review," Professor Wilfred Riley (ph) calls it an insanely bad idea. He says, erstwhile we're fighting a proxy warfare pinch Russia and China looms arsenic a semipermanent rival aliases enemy, doing truthful would trim America's size and powerfulness by have. Xi Jinping would trim disconnected his ain correct limb to spot this happen.


KRAUSHAAR: Yes, not only is it unrealistic, but nan governmental divides are wrong nan states, not authorities verses state, but for illustration her -- her location - location authorities of Georgia, Atlanta is becoming very, very bluish and nan agrarian parts of nan authorities are - are very, very red. So, I don't cognize really you person a succession activity wrong your state. So, it conscionable not only is unrealistic, but it doesn't understand nan reality of authorities today.

BREAM: All right, we've sewage to time off it there, panel. Thank you very much. We'll spot you adjacent Sunday.

HALLBERG: Thank you.

BREAM: Up next, my speech pinch an creator whose activity you are apt very acquainted with, moreover if you've ne'er realized it. How he's taken you wrong immoderate of America's biggest, astir notable tribunal cases for decades.


BREAM: As galore of you know, I bask pulling double work present astatine Fox. I besides screen nan Supreme Court. And arsenic you besides know, location are nary cameras allowed wrong nan precocious tribunal during arguments. So, complete nan years, I've gotten to cognize 1 of nan artists who's done nan astir to show you what unfolds location arsenic nan justices perceive nan cases that effect each of us.

I said pinch him astir his very unsocial role, capturing what happens down closed doors astatine nan highest tribunal successful nan onshore and high-profile cases each crossed nan country.


WILLIAM J. HENNESSY, JR., COURTROOM ARTIST: I want them to consciousness arsenic though they're there. I'm not trying to shadiness it successful immoderate peculiar way. And that's my responsibility. That's my job.

BREAM (voice over): You don't cognize his face, but you do cognize his work. In a metropolis wherever courtroom play drives news but cameras are seldom invited in, creator Bill Hennessy is location pinch his pencils and paper.

HENNESSY: I effort to do much than conscionable statically (ph) grounds what's there, but really benignant of drawback nan power and nan emotion of what's there.

BREAM: It's a occupation he stumbled into arsenic a young creation student.

HENNESSY: Our section sewage a telephone call. The female astatine nan doorway said, hey, there's a TV position connected nan phone. Would anybody beryllium willing successful drafting successful a courtroom? And I jumped astatine it. And overmuch to my surprise, it's been complete 40 years.

BREAM (on camera): At what constituent did you modulation to, this is going to beryllium nan activity that I do?

HENNESSY: It was crazy. The full conception of it was basically, you know, truthful for illustration imagine, conscionable wherever you are, stepping into a room afloat of, you know, 50 group and say, quick, we request a drafting of this. And I was like, I'm -- what do I tie here? I really had to deliberation for illustration a journalist. Well, I yet sewage a grasp connected it and said, OK, I tin -- I tin do this.

BREAM (voice over): Today, his sketches are a staple of tv news, telling nan communicative of nan federation 's astir consequential cases.

BREAM (on camera): You've been successful personage trials, coercion trials, a batch of large Supreme Court cases. What are immoderate of nan standouts for you?

HENNESSY: Oh my gosh. You know, that's almost impossible.

BREAM (voice over): He sketched erstwhile Washington, D.C., Mayor Marion Barry, nan D.C. sniper case, nan Amber Heard and Johnny Depp defamation trial, and a young female who interned successful nan Clinton White House.

HENNESSY: Rumor was, location was nary bluish dress, location was -- she wasn't going to testify. And it was like, we've been waiting for months, and thing is going to travel of this. And past nan connection was, oh, yes, location is simply a bluish dress. They person it. Oh, really Monica is going to testify.

BREAM: He besides sketched that intern's erstwhile boss.

HENNESSY: The first impeachment, that really struck maine because I had this benignant of beforehand statement spot successful nan property assemblage looking down connected each that. I retrieve being conscionable overwhelmed by that. And I retrieve this from authorities class, this ne'er happens. It's truthful rare. There person been 3 now.

BREAM (on camera): Do you consciousness unit erstwhile it's personification that is simply a recognizable figure?

HENNESSY: Absolutely. That is - that weighs heavily.

When it's personification they know, they are looking to make judge you get it accurately. But, astatine nan extremity of nan day, you sewage to finish, you're done, it airs and that's nan beset you could do and you move connected to nan adjacent case.

BREAM (voice over): His pencils person seen a lot.

BREAM (on camera): Are location moments erstwhile you're sitting successful a proceedings and thing shocking happens and you extremity wherever you're astatine and think, this is going to beryllium a very different sketch.

HENNESSY: There's a batch of things hap that you don't expect. And that's what you've sewage - really sewage to beryllium fresh for, because that tin beryllium nan story.

BREAM (voice over): Sometimes that communicative is extracurricular nan courtroom.

HENNESSY: I heard a commotion from nan level supra and this shirtless feline comes flying down nan escalator. I mean he's for illustration going eight, 10 steps astatine a time, and he was moving. And he was being pursued by for illustration 4 tribunal marshals. It was crazy.

The astonishing point astir that is, if you look astatine that sketch, astatine nan bottommost there's a female opinionated astatine nan bottommost of nan escalator. She put her ft retired and tripped him.

BREAM: Inside nan courtroom, Hennessy has perfected nan velocity of his craft.

BREAM (on camera): I spot you successful nan courtroom. We're listening to arguments. I'm furiously scribbling my notes. You're location moving successful existent clip connected these sketches. It is going arsenic nan lawsuit is going.

HENNESSY: Right. Right. I mean that's what's benignant of cool astir it, but besides what's benignant of crazy astir it.

BREAM: Well, you're successful institution. You locomotion into these courtroom and group cognize Bill Hennessy is here. This is simply a proceedings of import and he's going to make judge that nan nationalist gets to spot what's happening successful here.

HENNESSY: Well, I admit that. I mean I - I do person a batch of friends and sewage to cognize a batch of really awesome group complete nan years.

This is what I was talking about. So, I -

BREAM (voice over): I've seen Hennessy complete those years successful my clip covering nan court's astir historical cases.

BREAM (on camera): And that lawsuit astatine nan apical location was a really large infinitesimal successful history. That's nan Dobbs lawsuit that ended up overturning Roe v. Wade.

HENNESSY: That's right. That's right. That was Dobbs. And, actually, there's a newsman successful location you mightiness recognize.

BREAM: I was truthful excited to find retired I made it into a Bill Hennessy sketch.

BREAM (voice over): In today's world of instant, integer news coverage, sketching mightiness look aged school, but Hennessy says otherwise.

HENNESSY: It has changed. Now, 24-hour news, they want it immediately, arsenic accelerated - almost arsenic soon arsenic nan - nan gavel strikes, court's adjourned, it's like, really soon tin you person that? My method of moving lends itself to this, because I tie accelerated and I for illustration that benignant of energy. Now it's - it's much demanding than ever.

BREAM (on camera): Do you ever deliberation astir nan bequest and these moments successful clip that you've captured? No camera could ever beryllium there, but your artwork is going to beryllium what we have.

HENNESSY: I haven't really dwelled excessively overmuch connected that.

Yes, that is beautiful typical successful - successful that regard. I'm going to fto my kids fig retired what nan heck to do pinch each this - each those humanities images.


BREAM: And I will spot Bill complete astatine nan precocious tribunal this week. We'll some beryllium location covering nan arguments connected student indebtedness forgiveness by nan president.

Before we go, we want to fto you know, my colleague, Bret Baier, sat down pinch - aliases he will pinch FBI Director Christopher Wray this week. You tin drawback nan exclusive question and reply Tuesday, 6:00 p.m. Eastern during "SPECIAL REPORT WITH BRET BAIER" connected Fox News Channel.

And a speedy note, my podcast, "Livin' nan Bream," drops this morning, 10:00 a.m. Eastern. This week I beryllium down pinch Pastor Greg Laurie, whose life is astatine nan halfway of a caller movie hitting theaters this week, "Jesus Revolution." It's nan communicative of a monolithic taste and belief activity and nan `70s that led to that celebrated "Time" mag cover, "The Jesus Revolution."

You tin perceive each of nan interviews from today's programme connected nan FOX NEWS SUNDAY podcast. You tin download and subscribe by heading to foxnewspodcast.com aliases wherever you get your podcast to perceive to immoderate of nan ones we nutrient present astatine Fox.

That is it for today. Thank you for joining us. I'm Shannon Bream. Have a awesome week. We'll spot you adjacent FOX NEWS SUNDAY.


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