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Blockswap Multichain ERC20

Blockswap to big Multichain ERC20 Event astatine ETHDenver

  • Industry leaders successful Ethereum are congregating astatine Blockswap’s Multichain ERC20 arena to talk nan astir pressing topics successful Ethereum.
  • New protocols will beryllium introduced astatine nan arena which further decentralizes Ethereum by empowering nan user.
  • The convention is unfastened for each to be but requires a free ticket. Seating is limited.

March 3, 2023

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM


The Source Hotel

3330 Brighton Blvd, Denver, CO 80216

Speakers astatine Multichain ERC20 see Blockswap Labs, bloXroute Labs, Certora, ChainSecurity, Dappnode, EthStaker, Rook, SSV Network, Runtime Verification, and Voltz.

Visit for tickets and nan astir up-to-date information.

The overarching taxable for nan arena is decentralizing Ethereum by expanding staking optionality and information crossed nan network. This includes methods to trim censorship, promote decentralization done liquid staking, and usage Ethereum arsenic nan guidelines concatenation information for token issuance. Multichain ERC20 is astir bringing together nan top and astir inspired minds to talk nan early of web3.

The arena is constructed of 3 tracks:

Liquid Staking Derivatives (LSD) Networks Track

The emergence of liquid staking has spiked request arsenic galore forgo nan opportunity costs of existent blockspace ownership successful speech for DeFi yield. This way will research methods to merge nan 2 truthful that ETH stakers person accrued optionality. There is simply a way to decentralization done liquid staking.

Blockswap has a new protocol allowing anybody to create aliases subordinate a Liquid Staking Network successful 60 seconds permissionlessly and trustlessly. Accountability and search of staked ETH successful validators is important for nan ownership economy. Therefore, it is imperative to clasp conversations pinch ecosystem leaders astir nan wide effect of liquid staking.

Topics include:

  • Current issues successful liquid staking including centralization and co-mingling of assets.
  • Efficient validator staking utilizing only 4 ETH and dedicated MEV staking for ETH cashflow.
  • Increasing nan number of location stakers successful nan Ethereum ecosystem by breaking down nan barriers to entry.
  • The wide marketplace effect of creating 1,000’s of LSD Networks.
  • Automated delegation and accounting for Ethereum validators, liquidity providers, and node operators to commencement their ain staking business successful 60 seconds.
  • Understanding wherever a circumstantial user’s ETH goes aft it has been deposited into a liquid staking web without utilizing an oracle.

Multichain ERC20 Track

Exploring a caller unafraid primitive for cross-chain messaging and plus movements, State Replication Gateway (SRG). Gateways are a smart statement suite that allows users to entree their tokens connected different L2s, rollups, aliases blockchains without giving up custody to a 3rd party.

This allows immoderate protocol to upgrade ERC20 tokens to go Multichain ERC20 compliant to beryllium utilized connected Rollups and different EVM chains without immoderate intermediaries. It includes betterment successful lawsuit nan destination concatenation is compromised. This is simply a heavy anticipated upgrade to nan ERC20 which holds 80% of integer plus value. Users tin now support custody of their assets connected nan Ethereum web while utilizing their tokens connected different blockchains.

Topics include:

  • Current information issues pinch cross-chain communication.
  • Having ERC20s divided balances connected aggregate rollups and EVM chains without immoderate intermediary aliases bridge.
  • Cross-chain shared plus issuance and guidance among EVM chains.
  • Protecting assets from counterparty risks pinch autochthonal blockchain recovery.

Proof of Neutrality successful MEV pinch PBS Track

The Ethereum organization has initiated Proposer Builder Separation arsenic a measurement guardant to person a much modular block-building marketplace for Ethereum. This arena way discusses nan existent creation scenery and advancement of solutions for PBS and their effect successful nan short and agelong word for MEV market’s proviso chain. It is imperative to support nan reliable neutrality of Ethereum.

Topics include:

  • The latest updates connected nan Proposer Block Separation effort for Ethereum.
  • Upholding decentralization and Ethereum reliable neutrality connected artifact building.
  • Creating a adjacent and unfastened blockspace marketplace disposable to everyone.
  • MEV smoothing pools and nan domiciled of LSD Networks.
  • The domiciled of MEV successful nan Ethereum blockspace marketplace.
  • The Proof of Neutrality Relay and really it tin beryllium utilized to alteration censorship.

About Blockswap

Blockswap web is simply a DAO managed nationalist use infrastructure supplier for Ethereum and EVM blockchains. The protocols created by Blockswap align pinch Ethereum’s Rollup centric ngo and roadmap by enabling optionality and simplifying processes astir Ethereum Staking, MEV markets, and multichain plus interoperability.


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