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January 17, 2023

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In its latest report released successful January 2023, Human Rights Watch (HRW) calls on the governments of Latin America to "address chronic quality rights concerns" specified arsenic "poverty, inequality, corruption, insecurity, and biology degradation." Globally, the organisation scrutinised implicit 100 nations, providing an overview of a twelve concerning issues from the people of 2022; the wide script points to the nonaccomplishment of Latin American leaders successful overcoming large challenges to go nations that warrant respect for quality rights and the environment. Peering into the report, however, advancement successful 5 pillars of quality liberties supply a crushed to beryllium hopeful.

Women’s Bodily Autonomy

For example, quality rights defenders tin applaud the alleged “green wave,” referring to the enlargement of ineligible termination and extortion of women’s bodily autonomy, which began successful Argentina and dispersed to Colombia, wherever the termination of gestation nether immoderate circumstances was legalised successful February. In Mexico, astatine slightest 11 states besides passed much progressive authorities regarding abortion, the study shows.


The reparation of crimes committed during past subject dictatorships has besides advanced: successful Argentina, for instance, the organisation Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo, successful which grandmothers dedicate their lives to find mislaid children removed from their biologic families successful the 1970's and 80's, closed their 132nd  lawsuit successful December, bringing "more truth" to 2022. Bolivia and Chile, arsenic well, person been implementing efforts to repair damages and bring trials regarding authoritarian-era abuses to a close.

Protection of trans women

Moreover, the Brazilian Supreme Justice Court has guaranteed trans women a important advancement by ruling, successful April 2022, that they are besides eligible for extortion nether Maria da Penha Law, a ruling that forged an internationally recognised nett for women's information - though this accomplishment is not listed by the Human Rights Watch report, it is  besides worthy mentioning. 

LGBTQ+ rights

People identifying arsenic LGBTQ+ person besides reasons to observe successful different nations. In Chile, the caller ruling allowing same-sex marriages and adoption came into effect successful March; successful September, Cuba opened the way for couples to get joined and rise families, careless their genders, by its caller Family Code - which besides strengthened women’s and girls’ rights, the study points out. The Chilean organisation Fundación Iguales besides highlighted the archetypal non-binary ID to beryllium granted to a citizen. HRW besides calls attraction to a question of states legalising same-sex matrimony successful Mexico, arsenic good arsenic allowing trans radical to alteration their ineligible names. 


Despite immoderate large setbacks successful presumption of quality rights, particularly during the precocious finished Bolsonaro administration, Brazil maintained its Venezuelan-friendly policy, granting exile presumption for astir 3,000 migrants betwixt January and August 2022; meanwhile, Ecuador did the aforesaid for astir 2,000 Venezuelans arsenic of July. 

This precise little summary of immoderate advances registered successful Latin America implicit the past twelvemonth whitethorn correspond conscionable a tiny percent of the quality rights panorama. Notwithstanding, quoting the European Media and Editorial Director astatine Human Rights Watch, Andrew Stroehlein, "We are present to assistance alteration the satellite for the better." For that purpose, there’s thing amended than adjusting the lens to absorption connected past and aboriginal solutions, providing a small dose of inspiration for 2023.

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