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Final Fantasy XIV 6.3's caller proceedings is called Mount Ordeals. It is simply a level 90 dungeon that takes spot soon aft 6.3's dungeon Lapis Manalis. In Mount Ordeals, Archfiend Rubicante challenges players to a fiery showdown. So far, each of Golbez's main henchmen villains person had an elemental theme, and Rubicante's arsenal of attacks are fire-based. Here's each you request to cognize astir however to unlock and bushed the caller trial.

How to unlock the FFXIV 6.3 trial, Mount Ordeals

Follow Main Scenario Desires Untold Quest, and you'll find Rubicante waiting for you successful Thavnair. You'll besides request a minimum mean iLVL of 595.

Mount Ordeals Guide

Phase 1

Inferno: Party-wide AoE. Heal and shield.

Ordeal of Purgation (the archetypal time): Rubicante covers the level successful an outer ringing of reddish and an interior ringing of purple. Blue rope-like lines are dispersed retired crossed the arena. Notice that on 1 of the bluish lines, an orangish flashing marker appears. Players should determination adjacent this circumstantial bluish line's ending constituent connected the outer borderline of the platform. Players person 10 seconds to presumption themselves correctly earlier they're incapable to move. Once the 10 seconds are up, the bluish triangular AoE connected to the orange-colored enactment volition beryllium raised up and trigger a corresponding cone-shaped AoE. This mechanic volition repetition twice, and the activated bluish enactment (indicated by the orangish outline) volition alteration the 2nd time.

Arch Inferno: Rubicante begins Arch Inferno's formed with 2 large circular AoEs connected either broadside of the platform. When you spot this, get acceptable to move. In a clockwise manner, Rubicante volition proceed to formed aggregate overlapping AoEs 1 aft another. In response, players volition besides person to support moving successful a clockwise manner, pursuing the tail-end of the antecedently triggered AoE.

  • Rubicante volition besides formed different AoEs simultaneously, similar Conflagration (a reddish AoE consecutive done the halfway of the arena) and Radial Flagration (deep orangish radial AoE). Radial Flagration and Conflagration person formed bars--so you'll cognize erstwhile those volition spell off.

Ordeal of Purgation (the 2nd time): It's the aforesaid woody arsenic the archetypal lawsuit of Ordeal of Purgatory. Only this time, announcement the revolving arrows rotating clockwise oregon counterclockwise astir Rubicante. This means erstwhile Ordeal of Purgatory triggers, the purple interior ringing rotates 1 "slice" guardant oregon backward, depending connected the arrows' directions. A caller bluish enactment way volition past beryllium acceptable disconnected by the orangish marker. Note that the orangish marker does not rotate. It is the interior purple ringing that is moved by the arrows.

It whitethorn look confusing astatine first, but for this mechanic--you tin wholly inactive determination to the "original" way (pre-rotation), and, ahem, astir disregard the rotating mechanic. As agelong arsenic you're positioned acold retired capable connected the borderline of the platform, and adjacent capable to the caller line, you beauteous overmuch volition not get deed by the triangular AoE. Again, Rubicante volition bash different circular of Order of Purgation, with the arrows usually going successful the other absorption of the archetypal acceptable of arrows.

Adds Phase: Rubicante volition leap to the outer borderline of the platform, and 4 Adds volition appear. Rubicante is invulnerable astatine this time, truthful the enactment should absorption connected sidesplitting the Adds.

  • Rubicante's Power, enrage meter: Adds indispensable beryllium each killed earlier the enrage metre fills up.
  • Ghastly Touch: During the Adds phase, Rubicante volition besides summon aggregate AoEs connected the platform. This volition hap passim the Adds signifier until you termination each Adds. Heal and shield done party-wide harm done Rubicante's Power.
 Rubicante6.3 Trial Boss: Rubicante

Phase 2

Rubicante does a translation and the 2nd fractional of the combat begins

Inferno (the 2nd time): Rubicante puts a circular AoE connected each enactment member. Spread retired to debar overlapping damage.

Flamerake: Rubicante summons a aureate compass with a needle spinning precise fast. Near the extremity of the formed bar, the instrumentality slows down--and a immense cardinal AoE barroom volition look successful immoderate predisposition the needle lands connected erstwhile the formed is done. The tricky portion is, close aft this cardinal AoE goes off, cascading AoEs volition spell disconnected connected either broadside of the cardinal one.

Pay attraction to the past fewer seconds of Flamerake and determination rapidly to either broadside of the last needle. However, don't spell excessively far: You'll privation to enactment adjacent to the borderline of the archetypal AoE. After the archetypal AoE goes off, determination into the halfway abstraction to debar the cascading 2nd and 3rd AoEs.

Soulscad: Rubicante attaches an AoE barroom to each enactment member. Spread retired to debar overlapping damage. Soulscad does beauteous precocious damage, truthful healers should effort to heal up immoderate enactment members damaged during Flamerake earlier Soulscad goes off.

Dualfire: Both tanks get immense triangular AoEs attached to them. The tanks should dispersed retired and debar hitting the remainder of the enactment with the AoEs.

Sweeping Immolation: A stack marker is placed connected a random enactment subordinate and simultaneously, fractional of the level is covered successful an AoE. The enactment should determination to the uncovered fractional of the level and stack to stock damage.

After this, it's a repetition of the mechanics players person already seen. He'll rhythm done Ordeal of Purgation, Inferno, Arch Inferno, Flamerake, Soulscad--and erstwhile you scope this point, Rubicante should beryllium beauteous adjacent to death.

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