FBI: Crypto Investment Fraud Surged 183% to $2.57B in 2022

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Crypto Fraud

  • Losses suffered by investors arsenic a consequence of cryptocurrency finance scams increased.

Compared to $907 cardinal successful 2021, cryptocurrency finance fraud reached a grounds $2.57 cardinal successful 2022, an summation of 183% annually. 

About 90% of nan $3.31 cardinal mislaid to online finance fraud successful 2022 came from cryptocurrency losses, which accounted for astir 25% of each money mislaid to online scams and fraud. 

Americans mislaid $10.3 cardinal wide to net scams successful 2022, compared to $6.9 cardinal successful 2021. 

The $10.3 cardinal mislaid successful 2022 is nan highest magnitude ever stolen by online scammers and fraudsters. The FBI started collecting information connected online scams done its net crime title centre (IC3) successful 2000. 

In a akin vein, complaints astir cryptocurrency-based fraud reached grounds highs during nan year, pinch nan building “cryptocurrency wallet” appearing successful a ample mostly of nan complaints. 

FBI’s Data connected Crypto Crime 

The 2022 Internet Crime Report was released by nan Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) past week. The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) of nan agency, which “serves arsenic a nationalist assets to taxable reports of cyberattacks and incidents,” according to nan bureau, provided nan information utilized to conception nan report. 

Investment frauds were nan astir costly strategy reported to nan IC3 successful 2022. Investment fraud charges climbed by 127%, from $1.45 cardinal successful 2021 to $3.31 cardinal successful 2022, according to nan FBI, which besides stated: 

The magnitude of accusations involving cryptocurrency finance fraud accrued by 183%, from $907 cardinal successful 2021 to $2.57 cardinal successful 2022.

The number of victims and nan monetary losses suffered by investors arsenic a consequence of cryptocurrency finance scams accrued astatine an unprecedented rate. The astir targeted property group reporting this type of scam are group betwixt nan ages of 30 and 49, according to nan survey, and galore victims person taken connected important indebtedness to offset losses from these mendacious investments.

The FBI besides listed communal scams involving cryptocurrency investments that will hap successful 2022, including those involving mining for liquidity, hacked societal media accounts, impersonating celebrities, existent property agents, and jobs.

Breakdown of finance fraud 

According to nan FBI, criminals targeted and conned their victims successful a number of ways. 

Several con artists gave their victims entree to phoney platforms for mining liquidity. Once victims connected their bitcoin wallets to nan aforementioned platform, scammers would instantly and silently retreat their money. 

Some con artists utilized hijacked societal media accounts to transportation phony finance proposals to nan friends and family of nan victims, while different con artists utilized phony personage personas to beforehand akin scams. 

The FBI, meanwhile, claimed that con artists are getting skilled and person started precocious to attraction connected bitcoin exchanges and their clients.

The theft of cryptocurrencies by con artists was not restricted to online schemes; immoderate of them impersonated existent property finance offers. Others were besides conned via mendacious occupation openings.


Although criminal groups moving finance scams person been dismantled successful immoderate instances, location is still overmuch to beryllium done. 

Yet it is evident that cyber crime, sloppy of its form, is simply a important issue.

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