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Think sparkles and glitter, amusive silhouettes that invitation shadiness dancing, and peeks astatine tegument with tailoring tricks erstwhile reserved for the pistillate wardrobe. That was what Milan Fashion Week offered.


If you conscionable looked astatine colour, it was backmost to basics astatine Dolce & Gabbana: The full postulation for adjacent wintertime was successful mostly achromatic monochromes, each the amended for night-time play. Gray and achromatic monochromes played a supporting role.

While airy connected bling, the looks were thing but basic. Designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana created a postulation built astir tailoring, with the late-night synchronic nine beats successful mind.

Long overcoats oregon melodramatic capes volition get you to the nine door. Inside, men's corsetry, obi belts and cummerbunds cinch the waist, a silhouette that is mimicked successful the melodramatic hourglass tailoring of coats and jackets with curved waistlines and wide shoulders. A strobe airy picks up the sparkles and glitter connected garments, and sheer tops and musculus knitwear amusement disconnected physiques.

Machine Gun Kelly and Italian vocalist Blanco were among the designing duo's front-row guests.


Giorgio Armani has been connected the planetary manner representation for much than 4 decades. His latest postulation for Emporio Armani traced a literal representation of his adopted Milan, with models walking the perimeter of a circular runway giving a bird's-eye presumption of a representation of the manner capital's historical centre.

The postulation was inspired by aviation, and determination were tailoring traces from the aureate epoch of formation erstwhile dandies similar Charles Lindbergh made past with solo crossings of the Atlantic.

A belted, grey jumpsuit with a furry collar, aviator's headdress and heavy boots acceptable the tone. Once helium lands, determination are muted plaid suits with trousers cropped conscionable supra the footwear -- the invention of the season. Gear is stowed successful satchels and nautical bags.

Cosy knitwear paired with leather trousers and jacket, immoderate with antique finishes, chopped an adventurous silhouette. But the existent dandy comes retired successful colourful daywear, including a beauteous wrapper overgarment successful elegant camel, velvet jackets successful heavy hues, and silken shirts worn with foulards successful agleam accent colours similar magenta, purple and mauve.

Leather harnesses and inferior belts added an edge. Pouches are belted connected apical of boots. Mirrored aviator glasses implicit the look.

Armani, 88, good-humouredly picked up a pouch that had dropped from a exemplary arsenic helium greeted the assemblage astatine the extremity of the show.


The Fendi postulation for adjacent wintertime flashes tegument successful ways erstwhile reserved for women.

One-shoulder tops -- some knit and fastener down - bare tegument to springiness sexy play to the looks. Knitwear was ace sheer, hardly there. A small layering restored immoderate modesty, for the office, but could easy beryllium undone for an evening transition.

Long coats incorporated a wraparound, asymmetrical cape, a tailoring instrumentality mimicked successful trousers with a wraparound one-sided skirt. The effect was cosy and enveloping, offering a cocoon arsenic we task backmost retired into the world.

Fendi whimsy was connected afloat show successful the knit caps: 1 shaped similar a cartoon-cool wig, featuring a perky flip, oregon different beanie with fringe connected the back. Capes and sweeping coats and scarves likewise finished with fringe. Bombers had an antique, worn feel. The colour palate was mostly low-key tones of gray, oatmeal and burnt umber acceptable disconnected mauve and lavender. Graphite beading caught the airy connected evening looks.


The Franco-Italian progressive deterioration marque K-Way imported a spot of its Parisian birthplace arsenic the backdrop to showcase a caller postulation arsenic it charts a modulation to a manner brand.

K-Way's trademark packable raincoats were inspired erstwhile marque laminitis Leon-Claude Duhamel spied 2 children wearing reddish nylon raincoats portion sitting astatine the Cafe de la Paix connected a rainy time successful 1965. To honour that heritage, the Italian owners borrowed archetypal cafe tables and wicker seating from the Parisian landmark. Duhamel himself, present successful his 80s, joined the manner assemblage sipping Champagne and nibbling pick pastries successful the recreated cafe.

Sales Vice-President Lorenzo Boglione, whose household controls the BasicNet genitor company, is helping the institution navigate the brand's transition, with plans to nutrient method cogwheel for sailing and skiing.

"We truly privation to retrieve wherever we travel from and observe that moment. We person to retrieve wherever we travel from to cognize wherever to go," Boglione said. "We privation to beryllium colourful, we privation to beryllium functional, we privation to beryllium modern."

That means not conscionable focusing connected outwear. The caller postulation included cropped puffer jackets successful choky accordion pleats, Yeti-style abbreviated coats with matching boots that furniture implicit slim assemblage suits oregon quilted short-shorts and tops. Long puffer coats, including arsenic enveloping arsenic a sleeping bag, paired with detachable hoods oregon furry collars. The brand's distinctive zipper acts arsenic a logo, providing accents on with function. The colour palate hewed towards K-Way's accepted orangish and blue, with immoderate achromatic and green.

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