‘Euphoria’ Makeup Artist Donni Davy Releases Five Vibrant Blushes With Brand Half Magic: ‘Blush Is the New Bronzer’ - Variety

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Emmy-winning “Euphoria” makeup creator Donni Davy has conscionable released 5 caller blush products arsenic portion of her quality marque Half Magic, which the laminitis archetypal launched past May.

While the brand’s archetypal postulation is filled with the ’80s-inspired rave constitution that is simply a staple of the HBO amusement (vibrant eyeshadows, sparkly look gems and shimmering eyeliners that Hunter Schafer’s Jules would nary uncertainty bargain successful droves), the caller postulation features blushes that mightiness marque little of a connection but are conscionable arsenic important successful creating a implicit quality look.

Cheek Fluff ($20) comes successful 5 shades: Pink Mushroom (a pearlescent rosy beige), Don’t Be a Doll (a peachy bubblegum), Sexual Flushtration (a coral blistery pink), Only Drama (a magenta plum) and Magic Brownie (a rosy brown) to lucifer Half Magic’s best-selling articulator shade of the aforesaid name. If you determine to get each five, you tin battalion them unneurotic successful the customizable “Forever” Palette.

Courtesy of Half Magic

What makes Cheek Fluff peculiar is its bouncy cloud-like texture made retired of a unsocial hybrid cream-powder look that blurs connected exertion to make a soft-focus effect but inactive imparts a diffused long-lasting flush to the cheeks. For a much saturated hue, you tin usage your fingertips to use the creamy blush, but you tin besides usage the brand’s Baby Paw Blush Brush for a much airbrushed finish.

Like each their products, sustainability is simply a superior diagnostic of the brand’s latest launch. Each blush cookware is packed successful compostable PaperFoam packaging, which you tin recycle by sending backmost to Half Magic done the brand’s mail-in program, oregon conscionable compost it yourself from home.

Shop Half Magic’s Cheek Fluff connected their website starting today:

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