Ethereum Classic Price Prediction: Is ETC Price Looking To Breakout For $50?

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  • 1 ETC hashrate and value are debased since nan move of ETH from PoW to PoS
  • 2 Technical indicators of ETC are presently favoring a anemic upside move.It has seen a summation of 0.1% successful nan intraday session

Ethereum Classic  is simply a crypto which emerged arsenic a consequence of a contentious difficult fork from nan original Ethereum blockchain successful 2016. The difficult fork was caused by a disagreement wrong nan Ethereum organization astir whether to reverse a hack that had resulted successful nan nonaccomplishment of millions of dollars worthy of Ether tokens. The Ethereum Classic blockchain represents nan original Ethereum blockchain, which did not acquisition immoderate changes aliases reversals to retrieve nan mislaid funds. Ethereum classical uses impervious of activity statement mechanism. Ethereum Classic besides supports smart contracts and decentralized applications, which let developers to build and deploy their ain decentralized applications connected nan network. Ethereum Classic has seen a alteration successful hashrate and consolidation successful value since nan move of ETH from PoW to PoS.

Ethereum Classic has a marketplace headdress of $2.9 Billion and is classed 24th successful crypto verse. Volume of ETC has seen a diminution of 20% successful nan intraday session. Volume to marketplace headdress ratio of ETC suggests a consolidation successful price.

Is ETC Price Consolidation Coming To An End?

Source: TradingView

The play method floor plan of nan Ethereum Classic suggests a anemic upside move successful price. It is presently successful a request area but tin spot a break retired to a caller high. It is trading adjacent nan worth of $21 pinch a flimsy summation successful nan intraday session. Resistance of nan ETC tin beryllium seen adjacent $30.Meanwhile nan support of nan plus value tin beryllium seen adjacent $15.It is presently trading supra nan 100 DMA and beneath 50 DMA. The 100 DMA statement tin enactment arsenic a support for nan plus price. There tin beryllium a affirmative crossover which tin push nan plus value to a caller high. Various analysts are expecting a beardown maturation successful nan future.

RSI of ETC is presently adjacent 45 suggesting its beingness successful nan neutral zone.There is simply a downside slope which tin push nan plus value to a caller high.


Ethereum classical is presently seeing a diminution successful nan hashrate. It is successful a consolidated inclination which whitethorn continue. Various analysts are expecting a beardown maturation successful ETC successful adjacent future.

Technical Levels

Major Support:$15

Major Resistance:$30

Disclaimer: The views and opinions stated by nan author, aliases immoderate group named successful this article, are for informational purposes only, and they do not found financial, investment, aliases different advice. Investing successful aliases trading crypto assets comes pinch a consequence of financial loss.

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