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They accidental you should ne'er alteration a winning formula, but Manchester United mightiness person to.

Erik 10 Hag's broadside look Crystal Palace tonight, buoyed by their derby triumph astatine the weekend, and volition look a precise antithetic benignant of trial astatine Selhurst Park.

United played to their strengths connected the counter-attack to mastermind their triumph implicit Man City, with Ten Hag blessed for his broadside to beryllium backmost and soak up possession earlier launching lethal breaks.

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It was a tactical attack that worked wonders astatine the weekend, but it is not 1 they volition beryllium capable to repetition tonight, fixed that the onus volition beryllium connected them to effort and breakdown their opponents instead.

This relation reversal means United volition request to clasp the antithetic attack from the weekend, and successful bid to bash so, they mightiness request to marque a fewer changes to their line-up arsenic well.

Two of those ruthless calls could travel astatine full-back, fixed that United request to marque the modulation backmost to their strongest antiaircraft set-up and find the aforesaid level of consistency that underpinned their resurgent tally of form.

Lisandro Martinez should instrumentality to the bosom of the defence, meaning Luke Shaw should regenerate Tyrell Malacia astatine left-back, portion connected the close it could beryllium clip for Diogo Dalot to instrumentality backmost his starting role.

It would beryllium harsh to driblet Aaron Wan-Bissaka aft his caller tally of form, though it is possibly the cleanable clip to bash so, fixed that it would enactment arsenic a world cheque astir however overmuch enactment helium inactive has to do.

Part of Ten Hag's brilliance has been successful his absorption this season, and present that helium has raised the standards, helium besides needs to find a mode of keeping them successful spot done his authoritative approach.

That is thing that Fred already knows about. The Brazilian enactment successful arguably his champion show of the play erstwhile United defeated Tottenham backmost successful October, but 3 days aboriginal helium was dropped for the travel to Chelsea.

United responded by blowing the Blues distant successful the first-half of their clash astatine Stamford Bridge, vindicating the arguable enactment decision, conscionable arsenic they mightiness request to bash tonight.

Fred was exceptional successful the triumph implicit City astatine the weekend, but helium is inactive amended suited to specified games erstwhile his broadside isn't expected to predominate proceedings, and often struggles successful matches erstwhile helium sees much of the ball.

Instead, Christian Eriksen should commencement alongside Casemiro tonight, with Fred taking his spot for the travel to look Arsenal this weekend.

With truthful galore games successful the weeks ahead, everyone volition get their accidental astatine immoderate stage, truthful Ten Hag needn't interest excessively overmuch astir upsetting anyone who played good past clip out.

They mightiness person been the unsung heroes who helped United grounds a celebrated comeback triumph connected derby day, but that doesn't mean they each support their places tonight.

Ten Hag has built his estimation connected making ruthless calls, and present helium has 3 much to make.


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