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To implicit "The Spirits Of Nature" successful Disney Dreamlight Valley, players indispensable wide respective objectives to assistance Anna find Elsa successful the Enchanted Forest.

Anna Standing Near a Fire successful the Enchanted Forest of the Frozen Realm successful Dreamlight Valley

One of the prerequisite quests for unlocking Anna successful Disney Dreamlight Valley is "The Spirits Of Nature," which involves traveling to the Frozen realm to assistance Anna permission the Enchanted Forest. To get started connected this quest, protagonists indispensable sojourn the realm's gateway successful the Dream Castle and wage Merlin 4,000 Dreamlight to entree the pouch dimension. The opening cutscene volition show the upset that is occurring wrong the realm. Elsa has wandered disconnected heavy into the woodlands, the Enchanted Forest is connected fire, and a monolithic Earth Giant is blocking Anna from reaching the way starring to her sister.

Clearing the 3 superior objectives of "The Spirits Of Nature" realm quest successful Disney Dreamlight Valley might look overwhelming for newcomers, but the process is elemental if taken 1 measurement astatine a time. The archetypal happening players indispensable bash to advancement the quest is talk with Anna, lasting adjacent a campfire adjacent the realm's gateway.

She volition springiness Dreamers a little rundown of the concern and springiness players the archetypal nonsubjective of uncovering Bruni, the Fire Spirit causing the wood to beryllium ablaze.

Completing The Spirits Of Nature successful Dreamlight Valley

Finding Burni, Cooking Stone Soup, and Fishing Up Anna's Ring successful The Spirits Of Nature Quest of Dreamlight Valley

To find Bruni during "The Spirits Of Nature" quest successful Disney Dreamlight Valley, players indispensable archetypal usage their Royal Watering Can to wide distant the flames blocking the wood trail. Eventually, players volition spot a tiny occurrence unmistakably smaller and brighter than the remainder of the fire. This tiny glow is Bruni, and Dreamers indispensable pursuit it down and prime it up earlier returning to Anna successful Dreamlight Valley. Clearing this nonsubjective volition origin the upwind to statesman raining, extinguishing the occurrence successful the area. Next, Anna volition nonstop players to the Earth Giant blocking the woodland way to Elsa.

To get past the elephantine successful "The Spirits Of Nature" quest successful Disney Dreamlight Valley, players indispensable navigator a five-star repast called Stone Soup. This crockery is made utilizing Craggy Rocks successful the Enchanted Forest, Basil from the Peaceful Meadow, and Oregano successful the Plaza. However, a imaginable bug mightiness hap if players effort to navigator the look successful the Village; therefore, YouTuber PunchNshoot recommends utilizing the Cooking Pot wrong the realm. After placing the Stone Soup connected the pedestal adjacent the giant, the golem volition leave, opening the way to Elsa. Players indispensable past usage their Pickaxe and Shovel to wide the way to a river. After arriving, the last nonsubjective players indispensable implicit for "The Spirits Of Nature" quest successful Disney Dreamlight Valley is sportfishing retired Anna's Engagement Ring from a tiny pond adjacent the rushing river.

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Source: YouTube/PunchNshoot

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    Disney Dreamlight Valley

    Platform: PC, Steam, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, iOS

    Original Release Date: 2022-09-06

    Developer: Gameloft

    Publisher: Gameloft

    Genre: Life Simulation, Adventure

    ESRB: E

    Summary: In Disney Dreamlight Valley, players volition make their ain Disney avatar arsenic they interact with immoderate of the astir iconic characters successful Disney and Pixar history. The communicative surrounds the imagination castle and the realm it resides in, which is simply a spot wherever respective characters, leader and villain alike, person lived unneurotic successful harmony. However, an evil unit known arsenic the Forgetting consumes the kingdom. It's up to the subordinate to lick puzzles, reunite characters, and embark connected feature-rich quality storylines to prevention the Dream realm. Players tin physique their ain Disney vicinity - works gardens, spell fishing, physique residences - oregon spell connected adventures successful acheronian caverns, sail the seas, oregon navigate spooky forests. The prime belongs to the subordinate arsenic they traverse the assorted Disney worlds successful this cozy crippled that takes notes from mainstays similar Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley. Disney Dreamlight Valley was afloat released connected September 6 2022.

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