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Continuing our review of 2022, we person selected 10 of the biggest fashion plan stories published connected Dezeen this twelvemonth including planetary viral moments and unexpected collaborations.

This roundup of 2022 manner projects features a fig of couture collaborations, specified arsenic a enactment of denim hats by British milliner Stephen Jones and Dutch denim marque G-Star RAW and an aluminium talker container created by manner location Balenciaga and audio marque Bang & Olufsen.

Other projects see viral moments specified arsenic Coperni's spray-on formal that resulted successful Dezeen highlighting 10 experimental and unconventional dresses.

Read connected for Dezeen's apical 10 manner stories of 2022:

Image of a idiosyncratic wearing a couture denim hatPhoto courtesy of G-Star RAW

Denim hats by Stephen Jones and G-Star RAW

Famous British milliner Stephen Jones collaborated with Dutch covering marque G-Star RAW to make a postulation of ready-to-wear and couture denim hats.

The postulation comprises 5 haute couture and 2 ready-to-wear headpieces that were crafted from responsibly sourced, Cradle to Cradle certified fabric. It includes sculptural pieces with subversive takes connected emblematic headwear specified arsenic bucket hats, shot caps and sunhats.

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Image of Bella Hadid connected the Coperni runwayPhoto courtesy of Coperni

Spray-on formal by Coperni and Fabrican

During Paris Fashion Week's Spring Summer 2023 womenswear shows, Parisian manner marque Coperni created 1 of fashion's astir viral moments of the year. Coperni collaborated with spray-on cloth exertion institution Fabrican to spray a formal onto the assemblage of exemplary Bella Hadid unrecorded connected the runway.

A liquid polymer worldly made up of earthy and synthetic fibres was sprayed onto Hadid's assemblage from an aerosol spray weapon that past formed a non-woven cloth arsenic it came into interaction with the body.

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Models deterioration coats that are increasing unrecorded plants astatine Loewe Spring Summer 2023Photo by Molly Lowe

Sprouting apparel by Loewe and Paula Ulargui Escalona

Grasses and plants increasing from sodden apparel were presented astatine Spanish manner marque Loewe's Spring Summer 2023 menswear amusement which took spot during Paris Fashion Week.

The sprouting garments were a collaboration betwixt Loewe and Spanish bio-designer Paula Ulargui Escalona, who cultivated cats wort and chia onto hoodies, sweatpants, shoes, jeans and outwear successful a purpose-built polytunnel greenhouse.

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Image of Balenciga and Bang & Olufsen Speaker BagPhoto courtesy of Balenciaga

Speaker Bag by Balenciaga and Bang & Olufsen

Debuted astatine Balenciaga's 51st couture amusement successful Paris, the Speaker Bag is simply a constricted variation aluminium bag, described arsenic "part bag, portion Bluetooth dependable system", that was created successful collaboration with Danish audio marque Bang & Olufsen.

"This innovative instrumentality is portion bag, portion Bluetooth dependable system," said Balenciaga. "It tin beryllium utilized arsenic a portable speaker, a functional purse, oregon both, arsenic a existent hybrid product."

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Image of a exemplary connected the runwayPhoto courtesy of JW Anderson

Computer cardinal apparel by JW Anderson

As a remark connected the quality narration with exertion and consumerism, British manner marque JW Anderson sent a halterneck apical constructed from hundreds of desktop computer keys down a runway astatine London Fashion Week.

The brand's amusement notes described the conception as: "A parallel satellite of radical trapped successful their computers, blending with keyboards and screensavers, exploring different dimensions. Nature filtered by the integer ego, becoming a idiosyncratic collateral."

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Image of Reebok Eames shoesPhoto courtesy of Reebok

Eames Office x Reebok Classic Leather by Reebok

Sportswear marque Reebok collaborated with Eames Office to motorboat a postulation of trainers that incorporated elements of toys and furnishings designed by mid-century modern figures Charles and Ray Eames.

Titled Eames Office x Reebok Classic Leather, the postulation reimagines 3 designs by Charles and Ray Eames arsenic trainers – including the Eames Elephant, rosewood worldly and the Eames Coloring Toy.

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Image of a exemplary connected the Balenciaga runwayPhoto by Stéphane Aït Ouarab

Tape assemblage suit by Balenciaga

At Balenciaga's Autumn Winter 2022 show, which was presented successful a glass-walled "snow globe" and referenced the ongoing clime situation and Ukraine war, the marque sent a exemplary down the runway wearing a assemblage suit constructed wholly from yellowish tape branded with Balenciaga's logo.

The assemblage suit was constructed anterior to the amusement by wrapping metres of yellowish portion astir the assemblage of the exemplary to make a form-fitting 2nd skin. Since then, the look has been seen connected the likes of Kim Kardashian and Lizzo.

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Balenciaga and Prada outfits tin beryllium purchased astatine Metas Avatars StoreImage courtesy of Meta

Avatars Store by Meta 

In June of this year, societal media marque Meta announced its plans to motorboat Avatars Store – an online marketplace wherever users of its platforms tin acquisition integer covering from Balenciaga, Prada and Thom Browne for their avatars.

Users of Meta's societal media platforms, including Instagram, Messenger and Facebook, volition beryllium capable to formal their avatars successful looks from Balenciaga's Autumn Winter 2020 amusement and Prada's Autumn Winter 2022 show.

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Model successful a teddy carnivore apical hatPhoto courtesy of Thom Browne

Teddy Talk by Thom Browne

American decorator Thom Browne staged a "teddy talk", a instrumentality connected a TED Talk, for its Autumn Winter 2022 amusement during New York Fashion Week successful May of this year.

The amusement saw 500 customized Thom Browne teddy bears sitting connected chairs watching a host, oregon "chairbear", arsenic the marque described, who was dressed successful a grey tailored outfit with a ample apical chapeau that a teddy carnivore featured built into it.

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Image of beer-filled shoesPhoto courtesy of Heineken

Heinekicks by The Shoe Surgeon and Heineken

Los Angeles decorator The Shoe Surgeon collaborated with beer marque Heineken to make the Heinekicks, a bubble-sole trainer filled with Dutch lager.

Beer was injected into the bubble soles of the trainer utilizing surgical methods that meant the intoxicant was securely trapped, portion a wide conduit wrapping astir the precocious of the footwear was besides filled.

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