DEXE Price Analysis: Did Prices break out of the 200 EMA?

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DEXE Price Analysis

  • 1 DEXE Price mightiness beryllium making a breakout from nan 200 EMA
  • 2 DEXE value is making  a agelong bearish candle which mightiness beryllium signaling a downward move

The marketplace sentiments regarding nan existent inclination look to beryllium taking a bearish position while nan candle sticks are suggesting that nan marketplace is nether an indecisive situation. As of yet wherever nan DEXE value action is making agelong wicks and short assemblage candles alternatively of unchangeable candles hence nan marketplace is giving volatile and unpredictable moments. 

Although nan wide inclination of nan marketplace is turning bullish wherever nan DEXE value is taking guidance from nan 200 EMA. The existent value coming is $3.10 pinch a alteration successful 24-hour trading measurement of  85%. DEXE is down 10.29% since nan past 24 hours.

DEXE value trading nether a volatile market

Source:  DEXE/USDT by TradingView 

DEXE value is presently moving nether volatile marketplace conditions nan agelong wicks and nan short bodies are indicating indecision successful nan marketplace while nan volumes are indicating a deficiency of spot successful nan market. It seems for illustration nan buyers and sellers are astatine nan constituent of indecision and nan marketplace is presently not unchangeable for short-term trading which mightiness make nan buyers moreover much tense astir placing a bet.

Technical Analysis (1 Day Timeframe)

Source:  DEXE/USDT by TradingView 

The DEXE value has crossed complete nan 200 EMA pinch a beardown momentum but nan making of a bearish candle is suggesting that nan marketplace mightiness soon return a correction while rejecting nan support from caller levels besides nan 20 EMA is moving towards nan 200 EMA but if nan price does not prolong supra it 20 EMA mightiness travel nan value action by taking rejection from nan 200 EMA.

The existent guidance level for DEXE value is astir level $4.00 while its caller support value is astir level $3.09 and nan adjacent support level is astir value of $2.74. The RSI statement is presently trading adjacent nan overbought level astir constituent 60.88 worth while nan 14 SMA is trading astir constituent 58.75 worth nan RSI curve is suggesting that DEXE value mightiness soon return a reversal from nan existent value action.


DEXE value is presently trading adjacent nan proviso area wherever nan sellers mightiness soon commencement overpowering nan buyers. DEXE’s value aft crossing nan 200 EMA is taking a terrible rejection which intends it mightiness soon commencement moving from nan proviso area toward nan request zone. The RSI statement excessively is presently trading adjacent nan overbought levels truthful it excessively mightiness soon commencement moving toward nan oversold levels successful accordance pinch nan value action.

Technical levels

Support –  $3.09 and  $2.74

Resistance – $4.00


The views and opinions stated by nan author, aliases immoderate group named successful this article, are for informational purposes only, and they do not found financial, investment, aliases different advice. Investing successful aliases trading crypto assets comes pinch a consequence of financial loss.

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