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Dark academia is having a moment, and publication nerds everyplace are enjoying the hellhole retired of it. After all, the genre combines 2 groups that already person important overlap: the bookish and the gothic; portion besides encompassing the heavy tendency of each humans — yes, I said all — to own, fill, and decorate a elephantine library, astir apt 2+ stories, decidedly with sliding ladders.

Whether your reading sensation leans toward the acheronian academia vibe oregon not isn’t needfully relevant; present we are dealing with the country successful which you do your reading, and a darkly world taxable lends itself nicely to your representation arsenic a Serious Reader with Highbrow Taste. With luck, it volition marque publication thieves borrowers deliberation twice, support retired nosy household members, and promote those who cognize you champion to bring a dependable proviso of snacks and tea.

While I can’t assistance you with owning a abstraction large capable for a two-story library, I tin assistance you decorate your ain acheronian academia abstraction — beryllium it a full country oregon a tiny speechmaking nook — and of people Book Riot arsenic a full is present to assistance you (over)fill said space. I’ve gathered immoderate of my favourite items that volition make the cleanable temper for curling into a seat and speechmaking for eternity.

Three framed prints of skeletons successful assorted poses, printed connected aged dictionary pages.

Start decorating your walls with this awesome partition creation triptych of skeletons printed connected aged dictionary pages, from ReImaginationPrints. $25.

A cluttered speechmaking country with acheronian wallpaper down it, covered successful foliage and magpies.

This gorgeous, moody wallpaper from MarWALLous comes successful stick-on oregon traditional. The illustration is $19 and it comes successful respective widths, starting astatine 102″ x 102″ for $245.

A achromatic crow statue holding a lightbulb successful its beak arsenic a lamp.

Honestly I don’t deliberation I’m chill capable to ain this fantastic raven table lamp, but YOU are! Pick it up from ArtionCraft. $32 astatine clip of writing.

A taxidermied Death's Head Moth connected a achromatic crushed successful a achromatic frame.

Add immoderate other academia to your acheronian academia speechmaking country with a real, mounted Death’s Head Moth from Vinacreations4. Starting astatine $59.

Two 1 oz bottles of country spray from Green Pact Alchemy, labeled "Library".

Fill your speechmaking country with the scent of cedar wood, vetiver, and patchouli utilizing this country spray from GreenPactAlchemy. $15

a photograph of a bronze trinket cupful successful the signifier of a bat with its wings curled in

Bats are a cleanable accessory to a acheronian academia speechmaking room. This 1 is simply a bronze cupful — the caput is the lid — to clasp precious trinkets, and you tin snag it from CreepyOdditiesShip for $37.

Two wide solid bud vases shaped similar mushrooms with works snippets and water.

What is simply a speechmaking country without plants?? Combine your emotion of increasing things with the enigma of fungi with these precious bud vases from ChausettesdeComptine. $23 for two.

A drafting of a jar with a statement "Oddities Jar". In the inheritance are images of coins, buttons, creepy trees, and tiny carnal bones.

Let ShopOfTheCourtier scoop you immoderate oddities to beryllium displayed successful your ain unsocial oddities jar. $6–30

A achromatic leafage with an embossed publication and flowers. the substance says "From the room of Rebecca Watson"

Make definite everyone knows who your books beryllium to with this customized embosser from PickledStamps. There are galore antithetic designs to take from. It’s $45 for the embosser, and stamps are besides available.

A achromatic robust curtain holder with distressing.

Even acheronian academics request to fto the airy successful occasionally. Hold your curtains backmost successful elegant benignant with these curtain holders from GNTSDecor. $27 for two.

a photograph of a postulation of tiny framed paintings of eyes

The Victorians loved to speech tokens that look precise unusual to the modern sensibility. Throw backmost to the 19th period with this archetypal creation from mrvtau. $97

White ceramic mug with a vintage bat people surrounded by Victorian benignant flowers connected each side

What would a speechmaking country beryllium without mugs for your favourite beverage? Match your room’s aesthetic with this gorgeous mug from CurioPopRelics. $22

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I anticipation you bask decorating your caller speechmaking abstraction arsenic overmuch arsenic I enjoyed researching things to enactment successful it. Happy acheronian reading!