DeSantis recounts 'rebelling the other way' against liberal Ivy League doctrine

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Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis recounted nan governmental civilization daze of attending Ivy League schools arsenic personification from a working-class, blue-collar inheritance connected "Life, Liberty & Levin."

DeSantis told big Mark Levin that though he grew up successful Dunedin, Fla., his family hailed from alloy state successful Pennsylvania and Ohio, which he described arsenic "blue collar," "salt-of-the-earth" communities.

A conservative, he said, is personification who understands that our authorities arsenic Americans travel from God, and not from government, pointing to really nan founders rejected nan "divine correct of Kings" to deign who had authorities and who didn't.

"We person these God-given rights," he said. "We indebtedness powerfulness to nan authorities nether a Constitution to protect those rights, and I deliberation that what we've seen successful much modern nine is we've seen an un-mooring of those law foundations."


DeSantis (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

"We person an administrative authorities which is wholly retired of control. It violates people's freedoms. It's really been weaponized against factions of nan state that nan ruling people doesn't like."

Nodding to his caller book, "The Courage to Be Free," DeSantis recounted increasing up mostly apolitical successful Dunedin, and really his begetter hailed from Pennsylvania and mother from Ohio, and really Rust Belt values were instilled successful him arsenic a young man.

Upon being accepted to Yale, DeSantis said he had "no idea" what he was getting into.

"I wasn't, like, a refined blimpish successful position of politics, because I was mostly into sports and things for illustration that, but you commencement sitting successful immoderate of these classrooms and moreover though 1 of Yale's mottos is ‘For God, For Country, For Yale’ — I beryllium successful nan schoolroom [and they are] attacking religion, attacking God, attacking nan United States," DeSantis recounted.



DeSantis (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

"I'm sitting successful class, and they're saying that nan U.S. was to blasted for nan Cold War, not Joseph Stalin."

He said nan civilization was wholly different from that of his hometown, wherever 1 mostly didn't cognize their neighbors' governmental persuasions.

"But everyone [in Dunedin] benignant of believed successful nan halfway American principles."


The vulnerability to nan extremist near successful Ivy League colleges led DeSantis to rebel "the different way," successful his words.

"So by nan clip I sewage done assemblage and rule school, I was decidedly set."

However, during his first tally for Congress, DeSantis recalled grappling pinch really to beryllium to voters his Ivy League resume did not hide immoderate left-wing persuasions, contempt his accomplished subject and different records.

"Well, listen, look astatine me. I sewage done Yale and Harvard and came retired much blimpish than erstwhile I went in," he said. "The Swamp's going to person thing connected that, and [voters] appreciated that." 

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