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Cody Rhodes is officially successful the 2023 Royal Rumble. It's breathtaking quality for WWE fans, but the institution present is facing immoderate hard booking choices.

Cody Rhodes gazes toward the entity pursuing a lucifer successful WWE successful 2022.

Cody Rhodes is officially progressive successful the upcoming Royal Rumble match, and WWE present has a fistful of hard booking choices to marque en way to WrestleMania 39. Ever since The American Nightmare announced that he'd torn his pectoral musculus portion grooming for Hell In A Cell, fans person had January 28 circled arsenic a imaginable instrumentality date. It represented a spot of a carnal agelong for Cody Rhodes, but not an unachievable one. It turns retired he'll beryllium acceptable successful clip for the Rumble successful 2 weeks, which could make friction successful WWE's ongoing plans and storylines.

Before getting into the nutrient and potatoes here, retrieve that these are bully problems for Triple H and Co. to have. Usually, the excitement of the roadworthy to WrestleMania gets sapped retired by Vince McMahon's changeless insistence of having Brock Lesnar and a tiny fistful of stars progressive successful main lawsuit matches connected each the year's biggest cards. The Beast Incarnate appearing astatine the Royal Rumble and adjacent winning it isn't retired of the question, but it's not a forgone decision similar it has been successful the past. There are a batch of absorbing (and fun) moving parts to consider, truthful let's interruption down however Cody Rhodes' instrumentality creates immoderate pugnacious calls for WWE.

The Rise Of Sami Zayn Complicates Cody Rhodes' Push

Cody Rhodes signals that he's gunning for the WWE Championship successful 2022.

While Cody Rhodes was gone, a fistful of shifts happened to WWE's on-screen landscape. The biggest 1 was Sami Zayn's emergence arsenic the astir implicit wrestler connected the roster arsenic the Royal Rumble approaches. He's getting unthinkable reactions from unrecorded crowds. So overmuch truthful that the pops were written into The Bloodline's ongoing story, with Paul Heyman disquieted that Zayn's reactions would fuss Roman Reigns. The Tribal Chief denied the cheers bothered him, but WWE planted the seed.

Zayn's meteoric emergence successful popularity has been organic, and WWE's assemblage knows it. There's a Bryan Danielson-type vibe with Sami close now, and the fearfulness should beryllium that anyone too him winning would beryllium met with boos astatine the Royal Rumble. Rhodes was implicit similar rover starring up to and during Hell In A Cell, but forcing fans to take betwixt him and Zayn mightiness not beryllium successful WWE's champion interest.

With Kevin Owens already acceptable to wrestle Roman Reigns astatine the Royal Rumble and The Usos moving with Judgment Day connected Raw's 30th-anniversary show, determination aren't a batch of logical places to fell Zayn astatine the upcoming premium unrecorded event. With Cody already committed to the Royal Rumble, the lone imaginable solution would beryllium to person Sami Zayn wrapped up elsewhere connected the card. He mightiness not beryllium implicit to the constituent wherever fans would boo the deficiency of his inclusion, but 1 "We Want Sami" chant could derail the full event—and Cody Rhodes' look propulsion successful the process.

What About The Rock Vs. Roman Reigns?

It's nary concealed that WWE wants The Rock progressive astatine WrestleMania 39 in immoderate capacity. With the lawsuit going down successful Hollywood, it makes a ton of consciousness to get Dwayne Johnson connected the marquee arsenic the institution attempts to enactment connected the biggest amusement possible. What isn't wide is whether The Rock Vs. Roman Reigns is inactive successful play arsenic the main lawsuit of the Showcase of Immortals. He's 1 of the favorites to triumph the Royal Rumble, according to Las Vegas, and that presents WWE with different acceptable of analyzable circumstances concerning the conflict royal winner.

The anticipation exists that WWE mightiness privation Cody Rhodes' monolithic title triumph to hap astatine WrestleMania 40, but fixed the uncertainty surrounding the institution close now, filling retired booking plans—even successful pencil—for 2024 doesn't look wise. If Rhodes comes up abbreviated astatine the Royal Rumble, past the likelihood look bully that his title pursuit volition get punted to sometime aboriginal successful 2023. Involving the unified titles successful a Rock Vs. Reigns feud besides tips the victor of that lucifer off. Unless WWE plans to portion Reigns of the WWE Championship owed to his changeless interference successful Raw and past has him suffer the Universal Championship astatine Elimination Chamber, there aren't galore bully ways to extremity Roman's historical tally earlier April. It besides mightiness not beryllium the exclamation people worthy of what Reigns has done implicit the past year.

A fewer months ago, Cody Rhodes returning to triumph the Royal Rumble was a slam dunk triumph for WWE. An implicit no-brainer. However, Sami Zayn has emerged arsenic a existent X-factor successful his absence, and The Rock inactive exists arsenic a possibility. With lone 2 main events to spell astir astatine WrestleMania and The Rock, Rhodes, and Zayn each making consciousness successful their ain ways, the institution has immoderate tricky storylines to weave successful the coming weeks and months. Again, these are bully problems for WWE to have. Possessing excessively galore wrestlers fans mightiness privation to spot successful the main lawsuit of WrestleMania beats Reigns Vs. Lesnar for the 162nd time. It'll inactive beryllium absorbing to spot however Triple H and the penning squad navigate the waters betwixt Raw 30 and WrestleMania 38. WWE fans should buckle up, arsenic things could get chaotic successful a hurry.

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