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Co-owners of Alioto’s Garage, brothers Chris and Matt Alioto measure the harm successful their car repair and assemblage store astatine 1835 Folsom St. successful San Francisco's Mission District connected Jan. 9, 2022. A clogged drain successful the vicinity caused a flood during a rainstorm connected New Year’s Eve, which damaged 40+ cars, each the repair instrumentality and offices of the family-owned business. | Camille Cohen/The Standard


Small concern owners successful San Francisco with large flood harm could beryllium eligible for thousands of dollars from the metropolis aft Mayor London Breed announced a caller flood alleviation program.

The grants connection up to $5,000 for eligible tiny businesses located wrong the city’s flood zones—mostly on low-lying areas of the eastbound broadside of the city—and $2,000 for those located extracurricular of the designated zones.

The past fewer weeks of storms person brought wide powerfulness outages, flooding and adjacent mudslides crossed the authorities and the Bay Area, starring the authorities and metropolis to declare an emergency.

Insurance claims were already rolling in days into the storm, but fewer San Francisco location and concern owners person shelled retired for flood insurance.

“The terrible upwind we conscionable experienced has impacted galore of our tiny businesses and residents successful heavy affected areas and these archetypal efforts volition assistance arsenic portion of our City’s recovery,” Breed wrote successful a property release.

The grants volition beryllium disposable starting Jan. 20 connected a first-come, first-served ground and are for registered businesses with 100 oregon less employees and $5 cardinal oregon little successful gross gross that person experienced storm-related damages since Dec. 27, 2022. Damages from upwind oregon powerfulness outages are not eligible.


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