CIA director warned Zelenskyy of Russian plot to kill him before invasion: book - Business Insider

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  • CIA Director Bill Burns met with Zelenskyy connected a concealed travel up of the Russian penetration past year.
  • Burns warned Zelenskyy astir Russian assassination plots astatine a clip erstwhile Zelenskyy formed uncertainty connected US intel.
  • The details of the Kyiv gathering are laid retired successful Chris Whipple's forthcoming publication connected Joe Biden's White House.

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CIA Director Bill Burns met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy connected a concealed travel to Kyiv up of the Russian penetration past twelvemonth to stock quality that appeared to astonishment the Ukrainian leader: the Russians were plotting to assassinate him.

At that time, successful January 2022, Zelenskyy had been dismissing the thought that Russians would transportation retired an unprovoked penetration of Ukraine and was suggesting America's nationalist warnings were creating a "panic," noted Chris Whipple successful his forthcoming book, "The Fight of His Life: Inside Joe Biden's White House."

It was antithetic for the US to publically disclose quality similar this, suggesting Washington was assured successful its appraisal of Russia's intentions. But conscionable weeks earlier Russia invaded, Zelenskyy expressed concerns that specified warnings would person a antagonistic interaction connected the Ukrainian system — and emphasized that Kyiv was utilized to facing threats from Russia. 

"Burns had travel to springiness him a world check" and the CIA manager shared that Russian Special Forces were coming for Zelenskyy, writes Whipple, adding that President Joe Biden told Burns "to stock precise details of the Russian plots."

"This instantly got Zelensky's attention; helium was taken aback, sobered by this news," Whipple wrote successful the book, acceptable for merchandise connected January 17.

Russia invaded Ukraine the adjacent month, launching the largest subject struggle successful Europe since World War II. Since that time, Ukrainian officials person spoken astir Zelenskyy surviving more than a dozen Russian assassination attempts. But Whipple, who interviewed Burns, gives readers a glimpse of however the stakes were laid retired to Zelenskyy arsenic helium tried to propulsion backmost connected US warnings astir an impending invasion.

"The quality was truthful elaborate that it would assistance Zelensky's information forces thwart 2 abstracted Russian attempts connected his life," helium wrote.

As previously reported, Burns besides shared a "blueprint of Putin's penetration plan" during that sojourn successful Zelenskyy's bureau to assistance him prepare. Whipple wrote. He previewed Russian plans to onslaught Antonov Airport northbound of Kyiv and to usage it arsenic a staging country for an battle connected Kyiv.

Whipple wrote that astir interviews for his publication were connected "deep background" which meant that helium could usage the accusation but helium agreed not to punctuation sources straight without permission.

The US has been a cardinal spouse for Ukraine passim Russia's unprovoked invasion, which began successful February 2022. Kyiv has received billions of dollars successful information assistance from Washington since the warfare began, and the US has continued to supply Ukraine with vital intelligence to assistance its forces connected the battlefield.