CFX Price Analysis: Is the bull run in CFX price going to end?

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CFX Price Analysis

  • 1 CFX value aft giving an highly bullish rally mightiness soon return a correction
  • 2 Is CFX value going to proceed its up trend?

After trading nether an highly bullish uptrend nan buyer’s optimism which is associated pinch its caller business pinch china telecom aiming to bring Web3 exertion to mobile devices done nan blockchain sim cards seemingly because of which nan marketplace made a bullish rally of 600%.

 But nan optimism seems to beryllium coming to an extremity while nan sellers are starting to overpower nan market. According to coinglass tract and different awesome cryptocurrency speech platforms, nan sellers are presently dominating 52 – 56% of nan marketplace which hints toward nan constituent that buyers are not  supporting nan value astatine existent levels. The caller value of CFX is $0.24 pinch a alteration successful 24 hr of trading measurement of -0.59%

CFX value taking a bearish correction 

Source:  CFX/USDT by TradingView 

After nan constrictive convergence, nan EMA’s started diverging, and arsenic often happens aft nan convergence nan value gave a large bullish move and nan EMA’s started diverging while nan 20 EMA crossed nan 50 EMA and started going upwards.

Technical Analysis connected ( 1 Day timeframe )

Source:  CFX/USDT by TradingView 

The EMA’s person precocious fixed a aureate crossover wherever nan 20 EMA person crossed complete nan 200 EMA while each nan different awesome are crossing complete nan 200 EMA indicating nan alteration successful ongoing inclination nan making of a downward curve successful value indicates that value is presently taking a correction and its astir caller support level is astir 20 EMA while it’s awesome support level is adjacent 200 EMA.

The CFX value is presently taking terrible guidance from nan value of $0.35 astir 34% while its support is 25% beneath nan existent level astir nan value of $0.17 and its adjacent support level is astir nan value of $0.078 which is 60% beneath nan existent price.

The RSI statement is moving pinch nan coming value action confirming its strength. The RSI curve is presently taking a reversal from nan overbought levels suggesting that nan marketplace is taking a bearish correction trading beneath nan 14 SMA which is astatine constituent 74.47 while nan RSI statement is trading adjacent constituent 64.92 points moving steadily towards nan oversold levels.


The wide marketplace sentiment is neutral astatine constituent 52  according to nan greed and fearfulness scale provided by, a tract that measures marketplace sentiments. Although nan buyer’s sentiments regarding nan CFX coin are turning bearish while nan sellers are starting to overpower nan marketplace steadily. 

Technical levels

Support – $0.17 and $0.078

Resistance – $0.35


The views and opinions stated by nan author, aliases immoderate group named successful this article, are for informational purposes only, and they do not found financial, investment, aliases different advice. Investing successful aliases trading crypto assets comes pinch a consequence of financial loss.

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