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Marie Osmond said she wants her kids to find their ain success

US state vocalist Marie Osmond's caller vow that her children volition person nary inheritance has reignited a statement astir alleged nepo babies.

Osmond, estimated nett worthy $20m (£16.28m), told a mag her refusal to stock her wealthiness was not malicious.

Rather, she said she wanted to marque definite her children cultivate their ain passions and find their ain success.

Nepo babies are those usage who their parents' wealthiness and popularity to physique their ain careers.

"I don't cognize anybody who becomes thing if they're conscionable handed money," Osmond told Us Weekly magazine.

The I'm Leaving It (All) Up To You vocalist is not the lone 1 with an absorbing instrumentality connected personage parenting.

Other household names person besides said they program to opt retired from passing down their fortunes. Though successful immoderate cases a deficiency of inheritance has not stopped their children from capitalising connected their parents' success.

Here is simply a database of immoderate of those celebrities, and however a fewer of their children person fared:

Daniel Craig

British histrion Daniel Craig - who played James Bond - has antecedently said helium finds the thought of inheritance "distasteful", and that his 2 children volition not beryllium getting his $125m fortune.

"My doctrine is to get escaped of it oregon springiness it distant earlier you go," Craig said successful 2020.

But adjacent without an inheritance, Craig's oldest daughter, 31-year-old Ella, has already made a sanction for herself.

She is represented by Ford Models, 1 of the largest catwalk agencies successful the world, and appeared connected the screen of L'Officiel, a French manner magazine, earlier this year. She has besides followed successful her father's footsteps and tried her manus astatine acting, starring successful a fistful of plays with the theatre troupe Shakespeare & Company, arsenic good arsenic films.

Ella has spoken publically astir her involvement successful the household business, and has said she yet hopes to beryllium respected "as a prime histrion and bash truly bully prime work".

Gordon Ramsay

Despite being calved to 1 of the astir well-known chefs successful the world, Gordon Ramsay's 5 children bash not often get to bask their father's wealth.

His children seldom devour astatine his Michelin-starred restaurants, Ramsay said. They besides bash not beryllium with their parents successful archetypal people erstwhile they are flying connected holiday.

"They haven't worked anyplace adjacent hard capable to spend that," Ramsay, who is worthy £63m, told the Telegraph successful 2017.

He added helium has nary volition of leaving his wealth to his children should helium die, saying that helium wants to debar spoiling them.

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Gordon Ramsay and his girl Matilda Ramsay (right) connected the acceptable of MasterChef Junior

Ramsay's children truthful acold look to person carved their ain paths. His oldest daughter, 24-year-old Megan, studied science successful university, portion his oldest son, 23-year-old Jack, has joined the Royal Marines.

His 21-year-old daughter, Matilda, however, has go a tv property conscionable similar her father. She presented her ain cooking show, Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch, connected CBBC, the children's tv channel, and has appeared connected MasterChef Junior.

She has besides amassed much than 1 cardinal followers connected Instagram and much than 10 cardinal followers connected TikTok, wherever she often shares videos of her begetter - immoderate of which person gone viral.


British caller question stone fable Sting is 1 of the world's astir palmy musicians, with an estimated nett worthy of $400m. But helium says his children volition beryllium getting astir thing erstwhile helium is gone.

"What comes successful we spend, and determination isn't overmuch left," the father-of-six told the Daily Mail successful 2014, adding: "I surely don't privation to permission them spot funds that are albatrosses circular their necks. They person to work."

Of course, that hasn't stopped Sting's children from embarking connected notable careers successful amusement business. His daughter, Mickey Sumner, is an histrion who appeared successful Greta Gerwig's 2012 movie Frances Ha, portion 2 of his different children - Eliot and Joe - are musicians.

Sting has besides brought connected Joe arsenic an opening enactment connected his astir caller My Songs satellite circuit successful 2022.

Warren Buffett

Some of these celebrities look to person taken a leafage retired of Warren Buffett's book.

The American multi-billionaire and concern magnate said helium intends to donate much than 99% of his fortune, and that his children volition not beryllium near with much.

Buffett wrote successful 2021 that "after overmuch reflection of super-wealthy families, here's my recommendation: Leave the children capable truthful that they tin bash thing but not capable that they tin bash nothing".

His big children person each embarked connected assorted careers - from philanthropy and euphony to authorities and biology conservation.

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