Who is Jack Krauser, and what is Operation Javier, in Resident Evil 4?

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Capcom’s Resident Evil 4 remake pits Leon Kennedy against a municipality afloat of nameless infested villagers and repulsive monsters, but 1 force plays an outsized — and perchance confusing — domiciled successful our hero’s ngo to prevention Ashley from her captors. That man is, of course, Major Jack Krauser, a feline who loves knives but perfectly despises Leon Kennedy.

Krauser appeared successful nan original Resident Evil 4, and he co-starred arsenic a playable protagonist successful different Resident Evil game, Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, in which his backstory was further fleshed out. That 2009 Wii crippled besides explains what “Operation Javier” is, why Krauser is truthful pissed astatine Leon and nan U.S. government, and why he throws his batch successful pinch Ramon Salazar and Lord Saddler.

If you ne'er played Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, aliases if you’ve forgotten nan events of that on-rails shooter for nan Wii, here’s a speedy recap.

Operation Javier, explained

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles sends Leon Kennedy connected a ngo to a South American jungle successful hunt of supplier lord Javier Hidalgo — who has besides been moving pinch nan Umbrella corp successful buying and trading Bio-Organic Weapons (BOWs). Leon is tasked pinch trying to incorporate nan dispersed of nan t-Virus successful nan region, and owed to nan vulnerable quality of nan mission, is paired pinch U.S. Special Operations Command worker Jack Krauser.

When nan 2 meet, Krauser says he doesn’t judge successful nan beingness of BOWs, but faced pinch nan reality of their mission, successful which they straight brushwood dozens of zombified villagers and virus-infected creatures, accepts their existence. Krauser expresses jealousy complete Leon’s position and his assignment, which came straight from nan President of nan United States. Krauser feels brushed speech by his government, and intends to beryllium his worthy by completing nan mission.

During nan events of nan game, Krauser is earnestly wounded by an amphibious BOW nether Hidalgo’s power — which is really Javier’s mutated wife, Hilda — forcing him retired of nan army, and reinforcing his resentment of nan government. And during an unlockable post-game section of The Darkside Chronicles, players return power of Krauser to get further penetration into his thinking. Players perceive Krauser’s soul thoughts arsenic he originates to not only turn resentful of Leon during their mission, but originates to sympathize pinch Hidalgo and his usage of nan microorganism to fortify himself.

 The Darkside Chronicles arsenic they flight successful a helicopter Jack Krauser stares resentfully astatine Leon Kennedy successful nan ending of Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles Image: Capcom

In nan climactic conflict pinch Hidalgo, Krauser has a revelation: The microorganism is nan reply to his wounded and regaining his spot arsenic an elite spec ops soldier. “I tin spot it... I tin spot its power!” Krauser says. “This microorganism tin alteration nan world! If I could harness its power, I could norm nan world. This virus, its power... I’ll make it my own! And I will beryllium reborn. This infinitesimal marks my rebirth. For nan acheronian wrong maine has awoken.”

Krauser past goes connected to activity nan thief of Resident Evil profession bad feline Albert Wesker to assistance him successful getting his hands connected nan virus. Krauser goes connected to activity for Wesker and nan Organization, and was tasked pinch infiltrating Los Illuminados and stealing nan parasite, Las Plagas. Obsessed pinch nan imaginable powerfulness of Las Plagas, he ingests a parasite, giving him superhuman powers.

Files related to Operation Javier successful nan Resident Evil 4 remake overgarment things somewhat differently. According to a documents recovered later successful nan game, Operation Javier was reportedly a concealed ngo to swipe retired South American supplier cartels and resulted successful nan deaths of galore elite soldiers, including Krauser himself. It appears that Krauser buries nan journalist’s study connected Operation Javier, successful an effort to support nan events of his and Leon’s concealed ngo further contained.