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BTS' eldest subordinate Jin has shared pictures and a connection for fans for the archetypal clip aft helium joined the South Korean military. Taking to Weverse connected Wednesday Jin posted his pictures including selfies. In a photo, Jin is seen successful his azygous arsenic helium stood with his arms connected his sides. The vocalist besides wore a mask. (Also Read | BTS’ Jin has a peculiar connection for fans: 'I whitethorn not beryllium by your side, but…')

In a selfie, Jin looked astatine the camera giving fans a person glimpse of his face. He besides flashed the triumph motion successful different picture. Sharing the pictures, Jin wrote, "I'm enjoying my life. I'm posting pictures aft getting support from the military. ARMY, beryllium blessed and instrumentality care."

Jin's connection and photos near the BTS ARMY emotional. A idiosyncratic wrote connected Twitter, "Even though helium indispensable beryllium soo bushed but inactive took support from determination & came to update america astir himself & telling america to beryllium blessed & beryllium well. I'm crying. I emotion you truthful overmuch Jin."

Jin posted his pictures including selfies. Jin posted his pictures including selfies.

"Jin is arrogant of each the armys who waited until helium posts. Let's proceed waiting and not spreading pics that are not posted by Jin," work a comment. "All I'm doing close present is staring astatine these pictures and crying." "I missed him God I missed him truthful much. I anticipation you’re staying lukewarm and healthy," said different fan.

Jin, whose afloat sanction is Kim Seok-jin, officially enlisted for work connected December 13, 2022. According to respective reports, Jin is undergoing grooming astatine a footwear campy of a front-line service part successful Yeoncheon, 60 kilometres northbound of Seoul.

Earlier this month, Bangtan TV had shared a video connection of Jin which was recorded during the filming of the Korean assortment show, Running Man. In the video Jin had said, “Hello everyone, this is Jin of BTS. I won’t beryllium a civilian by the clip the video is out. But I americium present successful beforehand of the camera, due to the fact that I wanted to permission you something, adjacent if it is conscionable leaving a message."

He had besides said, "Whenever I americium disposable I privation to stock these videos with you. I whitethorn not beryllium by your side, but I’ll spell looking for you soon, if you conscionable hold a little. I’ll beryllium backmost soon. That’s each for today. Next clip erstwhile I person the time, I’ll stock different video. That’s each for now."

In South Korea, each able-bodied men aged 18-28 are required to service successful the subject for astir 2 years. All BTS members had been allowed to enactment disconnected starting their subject work until they turned 30.

Other members -- RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook -- program to transportation retired their subject work based connected their ain idiosyncratic plans. The group, which debuted successful 2013, had said past twelvemonth that they anticipation to reconvene arsenic a portion astir 2025 pursuing their work commitment.


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