British fashion retailer Paul Smith opens first store in Cambodia ... - Inside Retail Asia

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UK manner retailer Paul Smith has opened its archetypal bricks-and-mortar determination successful Cambodia, portion of a wider enlargement program successful Southeast Asia. 

The store is located astatine Chip Mong Shopping Mall 271 Mega Mall successful downtown Phnom Penh. The store has a reddish exterior and 3 main colours successful the interior: white, blue, and yellow. Pictures connected the walls passim the store convey the store’s colourful but elegant character.

The store offers apparel including t-shirts, shirts, suits, shoes and accessories. 

Paul Smith was founded successful Nottingham, England, and present has 130 stores successful 70 countries. The marque celebrated its 50 years of autarkic plan successful 2020.

The twelvemonth is lone a fewer weeks in, yet the Cambodian retail manufacture appears to beryllium buoyant, with respective planetary businesses making forays there. MLB, the South Korean streetwear brand, opened its archetypal carnal store successful Cambodia earlier this period successful collaboration with Vietnamese distributor Maison Retail Management International (MRMI).