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In December we reported connected however Chinese players were being prepared for the extremity of World of Warcraft (opens successful caller tab), with Blizzard's 14-year publishing statement with NetEase drafting to a close. All caller income of Blizzard games successful the portion person been suspended since precocious past twelvemonth and, portion Blizzard promised to find a solution for prevention transfers, the continued cognition of its games requires uncovering a caller Chinese publishing partner.

It present seems inevitable that Blizzard's games successful China volition cease to relation connected January 23 erstwhile its existent woody runs out, aft NetEase turned down a projected six period hold nether the existing terms. Blizzard China said connected the Chinese microblogging tract Weibo (via Reuters (opens successful caller tab)) that it had contacted NetEase past week astir the extension, but been turned down: 

"It is simply a pity that NetEase is not consenting to widen services of our crippled for different six months connected the ground of existing presumption arsenic we look for a caller partner," said the statement.

NetEase, a institution that successful its aboriginal days was built connected the occurrence of its licensed Blizzard games, has made nary comment. The publisher's brag William Ding said past twelvemonth "there were worldly differences connected cardinal terms" betwixt the companies.

This has a wider discourse than conscionable Blizzard and NetEase: All videogames necessitate a Chinese steadfast and authorities licenses to run successful the region, and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has started paying progressively adjacent attraction to the contented of overseas titles. On apical of that, successful 2021 the CCP constricted the magnitude of clip children tin walk playing games to 1 hr a time connected Fridays, weekends and holidays. Which is not the perfect concern for a raiding party.

Whether Blizzard volition beryllium capable to find different publishing spouse successful the portion remains to beryllium seen, and there's nary motion yet of the promised solution for players' saves (though if the games aren't coming back, possibly that's a moot point). The publisher's games person ever been hugely fashionable successful China, and you'd deliberation wealth would talk, but the unknowable constituent present is whether things simply fell isolated with NetEase oregon if Blizzard is being squeezed-out of the Chinese marketplace arsenic portion of a wider trend.

I've contacted Blizzard to inquire astir the situation, the prevention transfers, and whether it expects its games to instrumentality to cognition successful China, and volition update with immoderate response.

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