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BLACKPINK’s Jennie has joined Vogue Korea for a pictorial and interview!

On January 17, Vogue Korea released Jennie’s gorgeous pictorial. Jennie participated successful the photograph sprout successful Berlin during erstwhile she was connected BLACKPINK’s circuit successful Europe. When asked however she balances her beingness erstwhile she is ever moving from 1 spot to different owed to her job, Jennie replied, “I felt it was important to make an situation wherever I could consciousness arsenic comfy and acquainted arsenic possible. So whenever I spell connected tour, I thin to transportation a batch of luggage arsenic if I were moving my country arsenic it is, but amidst each things, my pillow is the astir important. I marque definite I bring my pillow that I ever usage astatine location adjacent erstwhile I spell overseas.”

When asked if determination is thing she ever does erstwhile she visits peculiar cities, Jennie shared, “I similar to spell to places wherever I tin consciousness the unsocial ambiance of that city. Sometimes I spell sightseeing landmarks oregon sojourn markets. During the Europe tour, I looked astir Christmas markets successful each city.”

When asked however she feels to beryllium a relation model, Jennie remarked, “Being someone’s relation exemplary is specified an grant and thing I’m grateful for. I anticipation this twelvemonth volition besides beryllium a twelvemonth wherever I tin acceptable a amended illustration for those who person supported me.”

Jennie besides shared what her latest inspirations are and what benignant of task she whitethorn privation to commence based connected those inspirations. She said, “I thin to get a batch of inspiration from the smallest things. I get inspiration from the signifier of the clouds I came crossed that time and magazines and radical I happened to spot connected my way. Recently, I got large inspiration from seeing assorted radical and buildings portion touring galore cities successful Europe.” She added, “It’s not similar a task that I privation to effort anew, but I’d similar to effort filming with a movie camera which I’ve been neglecting for a while.”

Jennie’s 2023 started disconnected engaged with BLACKPINK’s satellite tour. When asked what she wants to bash this twelvemonth arsenic an “ordinary person” arsenic she has described herself previously, Jennie answered, “Last twelvemonth was truly busy, and it was hectic. For this year, speech from my work, I privation it volition beryllium a twelvemonth successful which I instrumentality amended attraction of myself and my people. I anticipation I tin walk much blessed and enjoyable clip with the radical I love.”

Check retired much stunning photos of Jennie below!

Jennie’s afloat pictorial and interrogation volition beryllium disposable successful the February contented of Vogue Korea.

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