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Users successful Nigeria, Tanzania, South Africa, Kenya, and 5 different African nations whitethorn present nonstop and person bitcoin (BTC) without a smartphone oregon an net connection. 

Sending and receiving Bitcoin (BTC) has ne'er been easier than utilizing Machankura’s integer wallet with a inexpensive diagnostic phone, since each you request is simply a little codification delivered by substance message. Machankura is simply a Bitcoin wallet that uses the Lightning Network, allowing instant and inexpensive Bitcoin transactions. The work facilitates elemental and intuitive Bitcoin transfers. 

In bid to entree the registration paper and participate a PIN, first-time users tin telephone a state code, specified arsenic “9208333#” for Ghana oregon “4838333#” for Kenya. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll person entree to a 2nd paper wherever you tin bash things similar nonstop and person Bitcoin and analyse your transaction history. 

Personalized Lightning addresses are 1 of Machankura’s astir charismatic characteristics. These addresses are importantly simpler to enter on diagnostic phones with multi-press substance introduction since they are shorter than modular Lightning invoice addresses and are the magnitude of a emblematic email handle. 

This facilitates code introduction connected basal mobile devices. A user’s telephone fig and Machankura’s “” domain marque up the Lightning code by default. Phone numbers tin besides beryllium hidden by utilizing these addresses, which users tin customize. 

Machankura has integrated services similar Bitrefill and Azteco, allowing users to walk their sats connected regular items oregon redeem coupons for Bitcoin erstwhile they person Bitcoin successful their wallet. Due to this, Bitcoin transactions whitethorn beryllium performed with minimal effort. 
Because Machankura is simply a custodial wallet, customers indispensable entrust the steadfast with their Bitcoin alternatively than keeping it successful their ain possession.

Over the adjacent fewer years, Machankura creator Kgothatso Ngako hopes to rise funds to be capable to operate in each 54 African countries.

Bitcoin Transactions Without Smartphones: How Machankura’s Wallet Makes This Possible




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