Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC above $25000 before March 2023 end?

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Bitcoin Price Prediction

  • 1 BTC value has formed a agelong word guidelines adjacent $20,000 and downside seems to beryllium limited
  • 2 Bitcoin value sustained supra nan 200 time EMA and displayed a aureate EMA crossover
  • 3 Ordinals a Bitcoin based NFT task has immense imaginable which will positively effect BTC prices successful agelong run

Bitcoin (BTC) Prices had shown a astonishing betterment from nan caller lows and person succeeded to clasp nan prices supra some nan important EMAs which has grabbed nan attraction of nan investors and it seems for illustration $20,000 has go a agelong word guidelines and downside is limited. Currently, BTC/USDT is trading astatine $23,235 pinch an intraday gains of 0.34% and nan 24-hour measurement to marketplace headdress ratio astatine 0.0341

Recently, nan investors are much excited astir nan Ordinals Bitcoin based NFT which will let NFT to beryllium stored successful nan Bitcoin blockchain to bring much security, transparency and traceability.

Will BTC reclimb $25,000 aliases gaffe beneath $20K?

Bitcoin Price PredictionBTC/USDT regular floor plan by Tradingview

Bitcoin (BTC) prices are successful uptrend and rising upward by forming a bullish continuation shape which shows nan assurance of agelong word investors successful nan marketplace leader of nan crypto rate world. 

In nan opening of February, BTC prices formed a short word guidelines of $21,500 and took a crisp bounce backmost owed to nan caller complaint hikes by Fed which straight impacted nan BTC and prices changeable up 18% successful a short span of time. Later, prices took halt astatine $25,200 and entered into nan constrictive scope consolidation.

Meanwhile, nan BTC prices sustained supra nan 50 and 200 time shows that nan positional inclination is still favoring successful nan guidance of bulls and immoderate short word correction will person precocious probability of bouncing backmost from nan support levels. However, if nan value slips beneath nan 200 time EMA past bears mightiness effort to resistance it down to nan $20,000 level which will enactment arsenic an important request area for nan agelong word investors. The method indicators of BTC for illustration MACD person generated antagonistic crossover but nan curve is sloping sideways indicating prices are apt to consolidate pinch bearish bias but nan RSI is precisely astatine 50 denotes adjacent level of tug of warfare betwixt buyers and sellers.

On nan different hand, The caller hype regarding Bitcoin based NFT by Ordinals person besides grabbed nan attraction of nan investors which mightiness besides move retired to beryllium beneficial for nan agelong word investors.


Bitcoin (BTC) prices attempted to break retired of nan $25,000 hurdle but unluckily owed to anemic world sentiment bulls were incapable to clasp nan higher levels and prices took a downside reversal. However, nan method study suggests that nan inclination is still successful nan bulls grip and prices person a precocious probability of bouncing backmost from nan support levels mentioned below. 

Technical levels

Resistance levels : $25,200 and $26,700

Support levels : $21,500 and $20,000


The views and opinions stated by nan author, aliases immoderate group named successful this article, are for informational purposes only, and they do not found financial, investment, aliases different advice. Investing successful aliases trading crypto assets comes pinch a consequence of financial loss.

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