Bitcoin Cash Price up 11%, Will BCH price move to $150 again?

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Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction

  • 1 Bitcoin rate value gained 11% connected a play ground and showed V- style recovery.
  • 2 Bitcoin rate value prediction suggests a emergence and whitethorn onslaught nan $150 mark.
  • 3 BCH value holds nan 50 time EMA and 200 time EMA showcase uptrend.

Bitcoin rate value shown V-shape betterment of 30% approx from nan caller plaything debased astatine $105.00 indicates buyers are progressive astatine little levels. BCH value has gained 11% connected a play ground and succeeded to regain nan value supra nan 50 and 200 time EMA. It shows that nan positional inclination is still bullish and much upward momentum is possible. 

Bitcoin rate value presently trading astatine $133.40 pinch an intraday emergence of 1.75% and 24 hr measurement to marketplace headdress ratio astatine 0.0712. The brace of BCH/BTC is trading astatine 0.00492 pinch an intraday emergence of 1.03%. At nan mid of January, Bitcoin rate value witnessed a emergence successful nan buying measurement and prices besides started picking up nan affirmative momentum.

BCH value began to grow upside by forming higher precocious swings and turned nan short word inclination successful nan favour of bulls. During nan rally, Minor profit booking is besides visible from nan hurdle area but BCH value still holds $120 and bounce backmost pinch beardown momentum. Bitcoin rate value has attempted to break retired of nan $150.00 level but unluckily prices faced beardown rejection and reverted successful a downward direction. Later, wide marketplace sentiment turned mild bearish and BCH value started declining by forming little lows candles. The autumn was achy and nan prices mislaid almost each their erstwhile gains.

Will Bitcoin rate value proceed nan rally?

BCH/USDT regular floor plan by TradingView

Bitcoin rate value prediction suggests a emergence successful nan agelong word and it whitethorn again onslaught nan $150.00 people successful nan coming months. At nan opening of March, BCH bears attempted to propulsion nan prices beneath nan $100 level but luckily they failed. BCH value took support astatine $105.00 and formed a bullish hammer candle which indicated nan signs of bullish inclination reversal. Later, nan wide marketplace sentiment improves and BCH value bounce backmost and proceed to emergence upward. However, nan value is adjacent to nan proviso area and $140.00 mightiness enactment arsenic an contiguous hurdle for nan bulls. The probability of striking nan $150.00 people will summation erstwhile prices are capable to prolong supra $140.00. Till past it is expected to waste and acquisition successful nan constrictive scope $120.00 to $140.00.

BCH value study pinch indicators

Bitcoin rate value study pinch method indicators showcase prices are into nan bulls grip and assurance of nan buyers is visible. The MACD has generated a affirmative crossover indicating bullishness to proceed successful coming days. The RSI astatine 55 sloping northbound denotes spot of bulls and much room for upside is open. 


Bitcoin rate value has shown V- style betterment and recovered 30% approx from nan caller plaything low. BCH value is connected emergence forming higher highs denotes nan buyers are gaining assurance and much upward momentum is possible. The method study suggests that BCH value mightiness onslaught $150 mark, if it sustained supra $140.00 hurdle. Till past prices are expected to stay successful nan scope mentioned above. 

Technical levels

Resistance levels : $140.00 and $155.00

Support levels : $120.00 and $105.00


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