Bitcoin (BTC) Price Crossed $27,000 Mark; Records 90-Day High

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  • 1 Bitcoin value recorded a caller 90-day high, while it was trading astatine $27,787.81 connected March 18, today.
  • 2 Bitcoin value is doing rather good and is yet against nan caller capacity of nan U.S. banal market.

Bitcoin (BTC), nan astir traded cryptocurrency successful nan world, recorded a caller precocious astatine $27,787.81, which is besides its 90-days high. However, it is presently trading adjacent $27,000. This value surge successful Bitcoin signals that it is opposing nan U.S. banal market, which is trying to heal from nan caller awesome slope closures.

On March 10, nan California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation closed Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) aft it was suffered from a fatal slope run. Then connected March 12, nan New York State Department of Financial Services closed Signature Bank. This made a immense effect connected nan accepted U.S. market. The crypto marketplace was bullish amid this marketplace shock.

Bitcoin Price Analysis

At property time, Bitcoin value is trading astatine $27,317.45 pinch a 24-hour trading measurement of $47.26 billion. Bitcoin is up 4.67% successful nan past 24 hours, pinch a existent marketplace headdress of $527.79 billion. Bitcoin noted a 7-day debased astatine $20,068.66 and a precocious astatine $27,787.81. Still, nan value is astir 60% down from it’s all-time precocious of $68,789.63. Bitcoin value surged much than 30% successful 1 week, while it is up 13% successful 1 month. Year-to-date (YTD) value of Bitcoin besides surged much than 60%, according to nan information originated from Tradingview.

Source: BTC/USD by Tradingview

Bitcoin precocious surged to its highest levels successful months that shows nan connection that nan replacement that BTC arsenic a hedge against instability successful nan accepted financial system. Meanwhile, Gold besides reached an 11-month high. Bitcoin’s power is presently 45.16%, an summation of 0.16% complete nan day.

Crypto Market Highlights

The capacity of nan world crypto marketplace indicates a bullish outlook. As astir of nan top-traded cryptocurrencies marked an upsurge successful value successful nan past 7 days.

  • Besides Bitcoin, Ethereum (ETH), Cardano (ADA), Dogecoin (DOGE), Solana (SOL) surged astir 25%, 11%, 17%, and 24% respectively successful 1 week.
  • The world crypto marketplace headdress is $1.17 trillion, a 4.22% summation since yesterday. 
  • The full crypto marketplace measurement complete nan past 24 hours is $83.50 billion, which makes a 20.80% increase. 
  • The full measurement successful Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is presently $7.27 billion, 8.71% of nan full crypto marketplace 24-hour volume. 
  • The measurement of each unchangeable coins stands astatine $78.06 billion, which is 93.49% of nan full crypto marketplace 24-hour volume.


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