Beyoncé fans get their own horror story in the trailer for Donald Glover’s Swarm

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In its first trailer, Swarm — nan forthcoming Amazon thriller co-created by Atlanta’s Donald Glover – intelligibly group itself isolated arsenic being a communicative astir misanthropic fandom, overmuch for illustration Steven King’s Misery. In a new, longer, and creepier trailer, nan show seems to beryllium satirizing a very circumstantial fandom: Beyoncé’s.

Co-created pinch playwright and Watchmen writer Janine Nabers (who serves arsenic show runner), Swarm is group betwixt 2016-2018 and “follows Dre (Dominique Fishback), an obsessed instrumentality of nan world’s biggest popular prima who sets disconnected connected an unexpected cross-country journey.”

In nan caller trailer, that large popular prima — named Ni’Jah — bears a strong resemblance to Beyoncé, astatine slightest successful really she’s discussed by her fans. Bee-themed lingo and imagery permeate nan trailer, pinch frightening beehive images and nan fandom adopting nan sanction “swarm” intelligibly riffing connected Beyoncé’s fandom, which goes by nan Beyhive.

The trailer positions Swarm arsenic a creepy interrogation of really fans routinely definitive adulation of celebrities connected societal media — possibly to nan grade of physically acting retired nan hyperbolic and sometimes convulsive connection fans usage to gush astir their favourite artists.

Those fans are going to beryllium so chill astir this.

Swarm premieres connected Prime Video March 17.