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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - If you’re similar galore shot fans successful southwest Missouri, you’re astir apt trying to get your hands connected Chiefs playoff tickets, making the ones near precise expensive.

Many buyers crook to backstage resellers for their tickets, but the Better Business Bureau says to bash truthful carefully.

“If it sounds excessively bully to beryllium true, it astir apt is,” said Pamela Hernandez with the BBB. “Use a recognition card, for example, erstwhile possible, due to the fact that that’s going to springiness you immoderate protection. If idiosyncratic is trying to say, ‘no, I lone judge a prepaid debit card, oregon I lone instrumentality Venmo,’ that mightiness beryllium a reddish emblem due to the fact that there’s thing you tin bash with those types of things if the transaction is fraudulent.”

Hernandez says it’s besides important to spot what benignant of summons you’re being sold.

“Most venues person gone to integer tickets,” said Hernandez. “So if someone’s inactive trying to merchantability you a insubstantial ticket, that could beryllium a reddish flag. If you get that ticket, and you’re inactive not sure, and you privation to cheque it retired earlier crippled day, spell to the volition telephone model of the venue, and they’ll instrumentality a look and beryllium capable to archer you whether it’s fraudulent oregon not.”

Fans similar Lidia Collins cognize each excessively good that scammers are real, and they’re retired there. She’s a play summons holder and has been for 2 years. Before her play tickets, she got scammed trying to bargain her Chiefs tickets.

“They’ll archer you that they tin lone nonstop you money, similar done Zell, oregon they’ll nonstop you similar a check,” said Collins, “Or, you know, similar a wealth bid oregon something. That’s a immense emblem that is decidedly a scam. We’re a family. We don’t privation anybody to get scammed connected tickets. We privation you to beryllium capable to beryllium determination and to basal them connected to a win.”

Another diehard fan, Shakera Garrard, sent KY3 screenshots from trying to bargain tickets to a crippled that was a scam costing her $350. When she tried to get her wealth back, the scammer sent her a connection saying, “I conscionable privation to fto you cognize that you person been successfully scammed.”

She hopes her communicative tin animate others to beryllium arsenic cautious arsenic imaginable erstwhile buying from a backstage seller.

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