Aussie tennis legend Todd Woodbridge slams Nick Kyrgios over Australian Open-wrecking knee injury - Daily Mail

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Aussie tennis fable Todd Woodbridge slams Nick Kyrgios for leaving himself unfastened to the superior genu wounded that wrecked his Australian Open by not preparing properly

  • Kyrgios pulled retired of Australian Open connected Monday afternoon 
  • Star wounded his genu 2 weeks agone and it didn't respond to treatment 
  • Woodbridge said his lacklustre mentation is partially to blame 

By Shayne Bugden For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 21:40 EST, 16 January 2023 | Updated: 21:40 EST, 16 January 2023

Todd Woodbridge has laid immoderate of the blasted for Nick Kyrgios' devastating genu wounded astatine the feet of the Aussie star, saying his mentation for the Australian Open was lacking.

Kyrgios was a daze withdrawal from his location expansive slam connected Monday afternoon, revealing he'd suffered a partially torn meniscus and had a cyst successful his genu aft hurting it astir 2 weeks ago.

The 19th effect is returning to his location municipality of Canberra for country adjacent Monday - and portion the occupation isn't career-threatening, helium and his physiotherapist Will Maher decided not to worsen it astatine Melbourne Park and hazard imperishable damage.

Kyrgios was shattered erstwhile helium announced helium was pulling retired of his location expansive slam small much than 24 hours earlier helium was owed to play his archetypal match 

The Aussie men's singles anticipation (pictured with woman Costeen Hatzi) wounded his genu 2 weeks agone aft a erstwhile ankle wounded near him incapable to play successful warm-up tournaments

Kyrgios had a far-from-ideal mentation for the Open aft hurting his ankle, with that wounded keeping him retired of lead-up tournaments and seeing him propulsion retired of the United Cup successful precocious December conscionable 24 hours earlier helium was owed to play.

'Ultimately, you person to look astatine the mentation earlier - was that precisely close for what helium needed?' Woodbridge said connected Tuesday.

'I would anticipation helium has a look astatine what helium did astatine Wimbledon past twelvemonth erstwhile his mentation was great.

'The lead-up from a carnal constituent of view, to past getting into the lead-in tournaments, to playing capable matches to beryllium capable to locomotion into Wimbledon knowing that everything was successful that affirmative framework that helium spoke about, that his shot striking was good, that his wellness was good, it gave him a accidental to get successful a final.

Todd Woodbridge pointed retired the large quality betwixt Kyrgios' lead-up to his stellar tally astatine Wimbledon past twelvemonth and however the prima prepared for the enactment astatine Melbourne Park

The Aussie posted a grisly representation of the fluid that had to beryllium removed from his genu with a syringe arsenic helium raced the timepiece to beryllium acceptable for the Open

'Was that the mentation that happened earlier this summer? That's the question.

'If you were looking backmost astatine his docket you would accidental that it was hard to spot that prep erstwhile helium was flying astir the satellite playing accumulation events.'

Kyrgios picked up the ankle wounded that ruined his mentation portion helium was playing successful a money-spinning accumulation tourney successful Dubai successful December.

That came aft helium copped dense disapproval for snubbing Australia's Davis Cup squad truthful helium could instrumentality location a six-figure payday for playing successful a tourney successful Saudi Arabia.

Shortly aft his daze announcement connected Monday, Kyrgios posted a grisly representation of the fluid that was drained from his genu soon earlier helium discontinue the tournament.

Maher explained that helium and his complaint utilized past Friday's foundation lucifer against Novak Djokovic to justice whether the genu could clasp up implicit the people of the two-week expansive slam, but the prima pulled up badly.