At least 33 dead after migrant boat breaks apart near Italy's coast

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The Italian seashore defender and firefighters person recovered much than 30 bodies aft a woody migrant vessel collapsed isolated successful unsmooth seas Sunday adjacent nan confederate seashore of Italy’s mainland, authorities reported.

State TV quoted nan section prefect’s agency arsenic saying that by precocious greeting 33 bodies had been recovered and 58 group were rescued. The Italian news agency AGI said that among nan bodies was that of a babe a fewer months old.

Quoting unidentified larboard authorities adjacent nan coastal municipality of Crotone, successful Calabria, RAI authorities power said nan vessel was carrying much than 100 migrants erstwhile it ran into problem astatine dawn successful nan Ionian Sea. The Italian news agency Lapresse later quoted unidentified officials among rescue forces arsenic saying location could person been arsenic galore arsenic 180 group aboard.

State TV said immoderate 27 of nan survivors made it to shore, apparently connected their own.

Wooden pieces of wreckage littered nan formation astatine Steccato di Cutro, adjacent nan constituent wherever nan vessel apparently collapsed apart.

Firefighters, including rescue divers, had recovered 28 bodies, including 3 pulled by a beardown existent acold distant from nan wreckage.

“It’s an tremendous tragedy,” Crotone Mayor Vincenzo Voce told RAI authorities TV.

“In solidarity, nan metropolis will find places successful nan cemetery” for nan dead, Voce said.

Details astir nan nationalities of nan migrants were not instantly provided successful nan reports.

It was not instantly clear wherever nan vessel had group retired from, but migrant vessels arriving successful Calabria usually depart from Turkish aliases Egyptian shores. Many of these boats, including sailboats, often scope distant stretches of Italy’s agelong confederate coastline unaided by nan seashore defender aliases humanitarian rescue vessels.