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Do Arsenal request to scope 90 points successful their propulsion for the Premier League title? 100 per cent, according to Mikel Arteta. 

The Gunners cruised to a 2-0 triumph implicit section rivals Tottenham successful Sunday's northbound London derby and, arsenic a result, extended their pb astatine the apical of the array to 8 points. 

And afterwards, the Arsenal brag said helium doesn't privation to 'do excessively galore calculations' implicit their rubric bid and said helium would alternatively absorption connected their upcoming trial against in-form Man United. 

Luckily, present astatine Sportsmail, we're blessed to bash the calculations and person figured retired the likelihood of Arsenal reaching the 90-point tally, assessing the factors that could forestall them from doing so. 

Arsenal extended their pb astatine the apical of the array to 8 points aft triumph implicit Tottenham

Gunners brag Mikel Arteta called connected his broadside to scope a 90-point tally by the extremity of the season


After the Arsenal manager called connected his broadside to conscionable a 90-point full this season, it lone makes consciousness to measure the existent likelihood of that occurring.

The Gunners presently beryllium apical of the Premier League table with an awesome tally of 47 points aft 18 matches played successful the play - having lone failed to triumph successful 3 league games. 

They person 20 matches remaining successful the top-flight, with six of those coming against important opponents specified arsenic Man United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Newcastle and Man City - who they volition person to play twice.

Should Arteta's broadside triumph each of their different fixtures, the northbound London outfit would find themselves connected 89 points - adding 42 points to their existent 47 - anterior to facing immoderate of the aforementioned teams.

Arsenal volition person to play against some Manchester clubs earlier the league play ends

That means that the Gunners would request to unafraid conscionable 1 constituent from those six games successful bid to scope a 90-point tally for the campaign.

However, Man United are the lone squad to person dealt Arteta's broadside a home defeat this term, and Newcastle were the lone broadside to forestall the Gunners from scoring during their 0-0 gully this month, which volition rise interest for Arsenal.

And it should beryllium noted that the Gunners could perchance gaffe up successful immoderate of their different remaining fixtures with pugnacious visits to Aston Villa, West Ham and Fulham each inactive to come.

However, with the 90-point tally seemingly precise achievable for the Gunners, what factors could specify whether they scope the milestone oregon not? 

The Arsenal players observe the opening extremity successful their derby clash with Tottenham Hotspur 


At the commencement of the season, Arsenal's occurrence seemed synonymous with the signifier of striker Gabriel Jesus. If helium played well, they played well.

The Brazilian notched 3 goals and 3 assists successful his opening 5 Premier League fixtures for the Gunners - helping motorboat their rubric bid aboriginal into the season.

However, since scoring against Aston Villa successful August, the planetary striker lone managed to find the backmost of the nett doubly earlier getting injured with Brazil.

Although his lack from the squad hasn't seemed to derail Arsenal's rubric charge, it remains to beryllium seen however agelong they tin trust connected Jesus' understudy, Eddie Nketiah.

Hitman Gabriel Jesus had been successful prolific signifier for Arsenal anterior to picking up an wounded successful Qatar

The guardant lone has 2 goals successful the home apical formation this play and tin hardly beryllium trusted to occurrence the Gunners to a rubric triumph up of Man City oregon Man United.

Arteta confirmed that Brazilian Jesus is inactive 'far away' from a instrumentality pursuing his genu surgery, which whitethorn pb the Gunners to acting successful the transportation market. 

Either way, the Gunners volition beryllium desperately hoping that their prima striker tin marque a instrumentality from wounded anterior to the season's extremity - and assistance propulsion for a 90-point tally.

Eddie Nketiah (pictured) has stepped up for Arsenal in-place of injured guardant Gabriel Jesus


On apical of their signifier successful the apical flight, the Gunners' rubric complaint volition beryllium boosted by theirs - and their rivals' - signifier successful different competitions this season.

By qualifying apical of their Europa League group, Arsenal person avoided playing an other crippled successful the contention - which teams similar Man United volition person to do.

The Red Devils won't beryllium capable to remainder immoderate of their prima players adjacent period after being drawn against Spanish leaders Barcelona successful the adjacent circular of the tournament.

Arsenal, connected the different hand, volition person an accidental for their player's to retrieve owed to their interruption successful scheduling and due to the fact that of their elimination from the Carabao Cup.

This means that Arteta's lone focus, for the upcoming months, volition beryllium maintaining Arsenal's competitiveness successful the Premier League and the FA Cup. 

They've drawn Man City successful the second and are owed to play the necktie astatine the extremity of this month - but could apt sacrifice the clash to prioritise a propulsion for the league title.

The Gunners' beardown signifier successful the Europa League has led to less fixtures for them successful the year


Despite Arsenal's awesome signifier this year, past would suggest that the Gunners person a inclination to slip-up astatine the astir important constituent successful the season.

During the 2015-16 run - which Leicester ended up winning - Arsenal were sat apical of the Premier League array astatine the commencement of the caller year - conscionable similar this season.

A fewer months later, they secured a 2nd league triumph implicit the Foxes - meaning they'd taken six points disconnected the eventual champions - to seemingly spark their rubric charge.

Danny Welbeck scored a 90th infinitesimal victor against Leicester successful their important lucifer successful 2016

The Gunners were successful a beardown presumption successful the array but aft their triumph, they were beaten 3-2 by Manchester United  - wherever Marcus Rashford scored a brace connected his Premier League debut.

They past fell to a 2-1 decision against a struggling Swansea side, which fundamentally rendered their monolithic triumph implicit Leicester pointless. 

Rivals Tottenham ended up providing Leicester with a rubric challenge, arsenic the Gunners' signifier importantly dropped disconnected successful the tail-end of the year. 

Arsenal fans, players and adjacent unit volition beryllium hoping that their upcoming Man United clash connected Sunday day doesn't derail their rubric complaint - conscionable similar successful 2016.

Erik 10 Hag's broadside volition beryllium looking to woody Arsenal their 2nd decision of the play connected Sunday

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